The Bahamas: 5 Unusual Things To Do There

Located only 80 km off the coast of Florida, the Bahamas is known for its dreamy beaches and some of the most spectacular ocean floors in the world. But this destination is much more diverse than you think! For those who want to discover the Bahamas off the beaten track, we have selected 5 unusual things to do there.

1- Take a romantic getaway to Eleuthera

The Island of Eleuthera located 80 km east of Nassau is one of the Bahamas' best kept secrets.

An ideal destination for a romantic getaway, this island will make you fall under the spell of its wild and unspoiled beauty.

With more than 300 km of coastline, it has magnificent white sand beaches, with a quiet bay on one side of the island and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean on the other.

On this dreamy, romantic island to behold, you can :
- jump and swim in the Sapphire Blue Hole
- paddle with the turtles at Edwin's Turtle Lake Marine Reserve
- hike in the Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve.

2- Birdwatching in Inagua

If you're into ecotourism and birding, head to Inagua, the southernmost island of the Bahamas.

This unspoiled island is home to several protected national parks. You'll need to fly in from Nassau to get there and see 140 species of native migratory birds.

You can see a rare species of heron, but also Bahamian parrots, West Indian whistling ducks and over 80,000 flamingos.

3- Explore the Exumas Islands

The Exumas Islands are known for their pristine beaches, deserted cays and beautiful coastline.

These Bahamian islands are home to Iguanas, sea turtles and most importantly, swimming pigs!

You can go out and meet Exuma's famous pigs, see them swim and even pet the nurse sharks at Compass Cay.

Another unusual experience is to swim in the Thunderball Cave made famous by the James Bond movie Thunderball (Operation Thunderball in French) released in 1965.

4- Discover the local life

To discover the Bahamas off the beaten path and experience local life, take advantage of the People To People program (link below).

This formula consists of connecting travelers with locals from the different islands.

Depending on your interests and preferred island, the program will match you with a like-minded local to provide a true immersion in local life.

You'll get to sample the local cuisine and participate in a sip-sip session, the good-natured chatter with neighbors.

5- Taste the conch specialties

In the Bahamas, conch salad is arguably the most iconic local dish.

The best place to experience this culinary specialty is Potter's Cay in Nassau. No less than 40 shacks cook this shell in 40 different ways!

These colorful shacks on the waterfront are an attraction in their own right, as they are highly Instagrammable.

But they are also and above all a must-see event for all foodies!

Author: Audrey
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