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Trip to England: 10 places to visit in Cornwall

on too! Indeed, Cornwall is not only the most southwestern county in England, but also the surfing county! These rugged coastlines bordered by the Atlantic Ocean are uniquely known for their beaches and surf spots. To challenge the waves, head to Newquay, the local surfing capital! ...


The Bahamas: 5 unusual things to do there

beauty. With more than 300 km of coastline, it has magnificent white sand beaches, with a quiet bay on one side of the island and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean on the other. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Colleen Carey (@yogiccarey) On this dreamy, rom ...


Beach: do you know the new swimming flags?

r band. There were 436 of these during the 2021 season. Moreover, contrary to popular belief, the Mediterranean Sea is not less dangerous than the Atlantic Ocean: it is in Occitania and the PACA region that the most drownings are deplored each year. ...


Cannes is awarded the City of Surfing label

f local spots, thanks to a sign placed at the entrance of the municipality. The city of Cannes awarded the label Between the English Channel, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, the French coastline is not short of surf spots. Surfing enthusiasts know of course the cities of the Landes ...


Marine heatwave: the Mediterranean Sea beats temperature records

, even at night. More globally, throughout the Mediterranean, the general trend is towards warming since the early 1980s. The English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean are also affected, to a lesser extent, by this phenomenon. Scientists have noted an increase of 1 to 2°C in their waters and are co ...


Locronan in Brittany: 5 things to do on site

ites are stages of the Grande Troménie, the procession held in the commune every six years. At the foot of this modest mountain, dunes extend to the Atlantic Ocean and one can see the chapel of Sainte-Anne-la-Palud dedicated to one of the oldest Breton saints. This Saint Anne venerated in Bri ...