Agatha Christie's Little Murders: 5 Good Reasons To Watch The New Episode Of April 29

On Friday, April 29, France 2 will broadcast a new episode of season 3 of Agatha Christie's Little Murders. This new investigation will take us back to the 70's while offering a free and very successful adaptation of a story by the queen of crime.

1- The great return of an explosive trio

Fans of the series Agatha Christie's Little Murders have been waiting for their return with impatience: commissioner Gréco, inspector Max Beretta and Psychologist Rose Bellecour return Friday, April 29 on France 2!

In this new unpublished episode adapted from Agatha Christie's When Mice Dance, viewers will thus have the pleasure of finding :
- Émilie Gavois-Kahn in the role of Commissioner Gréco, the first female commissioner who is not afraid to put the macho in the fold
- Arthur Dupont alias Inspector Max Beretta, a cop who is still a mad dog and a fighter
- Chloé Chaudoye in the role of Rose Bellecour, a ravishing Psychologist who is at the same time a feminist, a rich heiress and a hyper-looked fashionista... in the 70's fashion of course !

2- Characters in turmoil

In this episode titled When Mice Dance, the main trio of season 3 are faced with personal difficulties.

Max is still desperately trying to reconcile with his ex-wife. But she is determined to move on and makes it clear to him.

On her side, Rose is faced with an ultimatum from her parents. Either she accepts a job as a secretary in her father's company, or she gives up her luxurious lifestyle.

To solve the case, Rose and Max will infiltrate a brothel, while Commissioner Greco will have to confront her past and the secret service.

3- An investigation with a good dose of humor

This season 3 of Agatha Christie's Little Murders, like its predecessors, offers us a refreshing mix of whodunit, humor and fun.

For this cocktail to be successful, the comic springs of course Lie in the main trio. We enjoy watching the open war between Max Beretta, archetype of the dominant male, and the young Rose Bellecour who claims loudly her feminism.

But the series would not be as hilarious without secondary characters, such as the medical examiner Blum (Benoît Moret) who pursues Commissioner Gréco with his assiduity. This dreamy, poetic and shy character fails to admit to her that he is madly in love with her.

On her side, Greco is harassed by her boss, the divisional officer Legoff (Quentin Baillot), a sickly anxious man who has a terrible need to be reassured and loved. What a great atmosphere in the police station of Lille in 1972!

4- A clever adaptation

In this episode, Agatha Christie's Little Murders departs from the novelist's work to offer an original investigation where Rose Bellecourt and Max Beretta will have to infiltrate a brothel, that of Madame Maude (sic!).

In this magnificent castle transformed into an ultra-select nightclub, the French secret services are already conducting a secret operation.

Commissioner Gréco's team has no choice but to investigate incognito, with Rose disguised as a call-girl and Max Beretta as a client, which will of course cause funny scenes and misunderstandings.

This unpublished episode was directed by Alexandre Coffre, to whom we also owe the films Spirou and Eyjafjallajökull.

5- A jubilant dive into the 70's

This new unpublished episode of season 3 is the opportunity to find a cheerful trio of investigators, a scenario between investigation and comedy and especially the atmosphere of the 70s.

We can only salute, once again, the quality of the sets and costumes and give a special mention to the incredible historical reenactment that makes the series Agatha Christie's Little Murders famous.

Get ready to pull out the bell-bottoms and step back into the decade of Flower Power, psychedelic pop and hippies! This episode, which makes you want to scream Let's go back to the seventies!, returns to the Friday night slot.

So, if you want to embark on this delightful trip back in time, see you Friday, April 29 at 9:10 pm on France 2!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: France Télévisions
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In French: Les Petits Meurtres d'Agatha Christie : 5 bonnes raisons de regarder l'épisode inédit du 29 avril
En español: Los pequeños asesinatos de Agatha Christie: 5 buenas razones para ver el episodio del 29 de abril
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