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Online scams: beware of fake administrative websites!

lves as an official government website. • Provide clear information about the nature of the service and the prices charged. • Provide an invoice to their clients or a confirmation of the order with the VAT-inclusive price. • Send the requested documents directly to the client and n ...


The vacation voucher: how to use it?

following the year of issue. How to benefit from it? The beneficiaries of the Vacation vouchers are: - private sector employees whose employer is a client of the Agence Nationale des chèques vacances (ANCV) and who meet the social criteria defined by the employer or the works council - employee ...


The Code: 5 good reasons to watch the new France 2 legal series

of redemption The main character of The Code series is Idriss Toma, a courtroom ace. A defender of the rich and powerful, he changes his trajectory and clientele after being shot three times by the husband of one of the collateral victims of his oratory skills and cynicism. A true miracle wor ...


Agatha Christie's Little Murders: 5 good reasons to watch the new episode of April 29

ucting a secret operation. Commissioner Gréco's team has no choice but to investigate incognito, with Rose disguised as a call-girl and Max Beretta as a client, which will of course cause funny scenes and misunderstandings. This unpublished episode was directed by Alexandre Coffre, to whom we ...


Buying a hotel to convert: 10 questions to help you understand

. A welcome closure to go on vacation or to do some work yourself. The hotel open all year round is often a hotel located in the city with a mixed clientele of professionals and individuals. Its frequentation can also know important differences according to the periods of the year. A hotel-res ...


Tattoo parlour: 5 things to know about the tattooist's job

on to the talent needed to practice skin drawing, you also need to have good interpersonal skills in order to build a trusting relationship with each client who walks through the door of your tattoo parlor. Tattoo artists are indeed obliged to provide their customers with a set of information abo ...


Emily in Paris' Paris: 5 picturesque places to discover.

s Verne restaurant located in the Eiffel Tower! In the first episode of the season, we see Emily, Sylvie, Julien, and Luc having dinner with a potential client at this restaurant located at 5 Avenue Gustave Eiffel in the 7th arrondissement. This scene was an opportunity to highlight the majestic Iro ...


Paris 2024 Olympics: how to rent your accommodation on Airbnb?

the local urban development plan or PLU. In Paris, the rental of a primary residence cannot exceed 120 days per year and 90 consecutive days for the same client. Note: if you own a second home in Île-de-France, you can only rent it out for seasonal purposes once a year. In Paris, Hauts-de-Seine, ...


Home Insurance: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Policy

a standard home insurance policy. Choose additional coverages based on your profile. Within the framework of a multi-risk home insurance policy, each client's specific needs can be covered, for example, owning a swimming pool or having valuable items. The second of the 5 tips for choosing the right ...