Advertising For Fossil Fuels Is Now Prohibited

Did you know that, since August 22, 2022, France is the first European country to ban advertising for fossil fuels? Here is everything you need to know about this ecological measure voted in 2021 as part of the climate law.

A first in Europe

Perhaps you haven't noticed it on TV and radio, but advertising for fossil fuels is now officially banned in France.

The ban on ads touting these environmentally harmful products because they emit greenhouse gases was voted in 2021 as part of the climate law.

It has been in force in our country since August 22, 2022 and it is a first in Europe!

Several fossil fuels in the spotlight

With the coming into force of this measure, we will no longer see advertisements on French television taking place in a gas station...

Indeed, the ban on advertising for fossil fuels concerns several petroleum products such as fuel oil and gasoline as well as other polluting energies: carbonaceous hydrogen and energies from mining coal.

The only notable exception, gas escapes this ban for now. A government waiver allows companies to advertise this energy until June 30, 2023.

This decision was justified by the fact that the regulated sales tariffs (TRV) are open to competition until July 2023 and that French law must be in line with European law.

In addition, the promotion of fossil fuel investments remains authorized. The ban does not apply 'to financial advertising, communication actions carried out as part of sponsorship or patronage operations and institutional communication'.

The end of carbon neutrality soon

In addition to the ban on fossil fuel advertising, the French law plans to end the 'carbon neutrality' label from 2023.

Many experts believe that the carbon neutrality claim is false or at least misleading advertising, as it is generally based on the principle of carbon offsetting.

By putting this claim on their products, many companies are greenwashing and promoting these products as 'decarbonized' when they really aren't...

From January 1, 2023, it will no longer be possible to use the mention carbon neutrality, unless the product or service concerned is accompanied by a 'greenhouse gas emissions balance [...] covering its entire life cycle'.

A modest first step

This policy of gradually banning advertising for fossil fuels is one more step in the fight against global warming. It is based on the recommendations of the Citizens' Climate Convention, which was convened at the request of President Emmanuel Macron during his previous five-year term.

It should be noted, however, that the convention had then argued for a more radical ban: that of 'all advertising media' touting 'products with a high impact on the environment'.

Even if the measure applied recently is less extensive, we can only be pleased that it has come into force. France has thus become the first European country to take such a decision in order to promote cleaner energies in a sustainable development perspective.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Pxhere
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In French: La publicité pour les énergies fossiles est désormais interdite
En español: Se prohíbe la publicidad de los combustibles fósiles
In italiano: La pubblicità dei combustibili fossili è ora vietata
Auf Deutsch: Werbung für fossile Energieträger ist nun verboten
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