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The audio cassette: story of a rebirth

e audio cassette is also inseparable from the worldwide success of the Walkman! The story goes that this portable cassette player was imagined by the boss of Sony because he wanted to be able to listen to music while playing golf... The first Walkman was released in 1979. At the height of its glory ...


Harry Potter Return to Hogwarts: 5 things to know about this special episode

udio Tour in London. The episode was conceived as 'a tribute to all those whose lives have been touched by this cultural phenomenon', Warner Bros. boss Tom Ascheim explained in a statement. Given the first images of the trailer, no doubt that the Potterheads of France and elsewhere will be fil ...


New technologies: understanding the metaverse in 5 questions

worlds. On October 28, 2021, Mark Zuckerberg made an announcement that made a lot of noise: the change of name of his company! Not only did the boss of the former Facebook group decide to rebrand his company Meta, but he also announced the creation of 10,000 jobs in Europe with a view to devel ...


Occupational physician: why is he a valuable ally?

ployee's ability to hold his or her position without risk to health. But, contrary to what employees sometimes imagine, this doctor is not 'on the boss's side': like any other doctor, he is independent in his decisions. 5- It takes care of your physical and psychological health As you will ha ...


Agatha Christie's Little Murders: 5 good reasons to watch the new episode of April 29

with his assiduity. This dreamy, poetic and shy character fails to admit to her that he is madly in love with her. On her side, Greco is harassed by her boss, the divisional officer Legoff (Quentin Baillot), a sickly anxious man who has a terrible need to be reassured and loved. What a great atmo ...


Les Combattantes: what is the new TF1 series worth?

series on TF1 is added a fourth character played by Sofia Essaïdi. The former Star academy contestant plays the wife of a captain who has become the boss of the family business in spite of herself. A sumptuous historical reconstruction With the series Les Combattantes, TF1 transports us to a c ...


Johnny by Laeticia: a moving portrait on M6

r leaving each other, despite their 31 years apart. In the documentary Johnny by Laeticia, the point of view of the one who shared the life of the boss gives an exceptional access to the daily life of Johnny Hallyday... In front of the camera, the singer's widow tells the intimacy of their cou ...


Return of Mask Singer on TF1: what are the new features of season 5?

es for viewers, including new members of the jury! Kev Adams will be the only juror who has been present since the beginning of the show. He is "the boss" on the set like Florent Pagny in the show The Voice! He will be joined by Jeff Panacloc and his inseparable sidekick Jean-Marc, who were already ...


The Paradise: 4 good reasons to watch this series on Arte.

des dames," the character of Denise embodies a feminine ideal cherished by Zola: that of the delicate woman with discreet charm... Such charm that her boss Octave Mouret despairs of seeing the young woman resist him and remain indifferent to his advances and his fortune! The relationship between th ...


5 Tips to Stop Complaining

onstructive discussion. Be aware: it is pointless to involve people who can do nothing about it! Address the person involved directly (your spouse, your children, or your boss) in order to find common ground. Not only is dialogue more effective than moaning, but it also helps to build peaceful and ...