Ai Image Generator: 5 Tips For Creating Beautiful Images

Since Microsoft started offering a free AI-powered image generator, you might have already tried creating photos, drawings, or paintings as your imagination dictates. If you found the results disappointing, it's likely because you didn't give the AI image generator precise enough instructions. Here are 5 tips to improve your prompts and get beautiful images.

Write a precise prompt.

When using an AI image generator like DALL-E 3 or Midjourney, the quality of the resulting image depends on the richness and precision of the text submitted to the artificial intelligence, also known as the prompt.

Before diving into an image-generating application, you should therefore take the time to formulate the prompt for the desired visual as clearly and precisely as possible.

If you want to create a character, you must not only describe it with precise words (for example: "a cute ginger cat with a white spot on its nose") but also describe its posture and define a framing ("close-up of a cute ginger cat sitting in the snow").

Let your imagination run wild! The great advantage of AI image generators is the ability to produce improbable scenes, ranging from absurd humor to science fiction. So take the opportunity to imagine images that defy the laws of physics!

Indicate the type of light.

Framing isn't the only concept you can borrow from photography to enhance the precision of your prompts.

Next time you're composing instructions in an AI image generator, consider specifying to the artificial intelligence the type of light to use for illuminating the scene. The quality of light and shadows are key elements that greatly affect the atmosphere emanating from your visual.

Therefore, don't hesitate to ask the application for dramatic lighting, magical, cinematic, or any other adjective that can describe the desired atmosphere. Specify if you want a highly contrasted image or not.

3- Draw inspiration from a famous artist.

Another tip for getting great images with an AI image generator is to request a visual in the style of a famous artist.

You are very likely to get an even more impressive result if you ask the artificial intelligence for an image in the style of Salvador Dali or the comic book author Enki Bilal, for example...

You can also draw inspiration from the dreamlike and surreal world of Japanese artist Naoto Hattori or simply ask for a painting in the manner of the Impressionists or Fauvists.

By drawing your inspiration from the artists you admire the most, you increase your chances of obtaining a visual that you really like.

4- Add artistic effects

As you can understand, the more precise you are about the image you want to create, the better the chances that the AI image generator will meet your expectations.

To further refine your prompt, you can:
• specify the desired texture: granular texture, smooth as glass, etc.
• specify the type of image: oil painting, black and white or sepia photography, very high-resolution image.
• indicate the preferred style: cartoon, steampunk or fantasy-style image, for example.

Demand the highest aesthetic quality.

The previous advice may seem complicated to implement because you're not sure exactly which style or artistic effect would best suit your visual... In that case, simply ask the artificial intelligence to add beauty to the image.

Just tell the AI image generator that you want to create a "beautiful" landscape, the portrait of a "very beautiful" young woman, or a monument with "very aesthetic" reliefs. Add that you desire a very detailed image, worthy of a film or a dream.

Don't hesitate to combine the different previous tips to write the most detailed prompts possible and let yourself be surprised by the result!

Author: Audrey
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In French: Générateur d'images par IA : 5 conseils pour obtenir de belles images
En español: Generador de imágenes por IA: 5 consejos para obtener imágenes hermosas
In italiano: Generatore di immagini tramite IA: 5 consigli per ottenere belle immagini
Auf Deutsch: Künstliche Intelligenz Bildgenerator: 5 Tipps für schöne Bilder
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