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Google Maps: discover cities in 3D with Immersive View

ican giant in May 2021. As the name suggests, this feature allows total, 3D immersion in the locations involved. Google, which had already used artificial intelligence to improve the quality of its translations, is now using AI to boost its mapping service. What are the locations involved? ...


Artificial intelligence: Will ChatGPT really replace Google?

Artificial intelligence, a revolution in progress. According to Bill Gates, the rapid evolution of artificial intelligence will deeply disrupt our habits of searching on the Internet and online shopping. At the AI Forward 2023 event in San Francisco, the Microsoft founder predicted that soon, inter ...


An algorithm to predict the spread of disease

ify that the findings make sense from a scientific perspective, and then a report is sent to governments, companies, and public health clients. Using artificial intelligence to better prevent the risk of epidemics BlueDot's reports are then sent to public health officials in a dozen countries (inclu ...


Flowers: the new Biennial of Arts blossoms in Nice this summer

cent bouquet of roses, inspired by the work of Flemish painters of the 16th and 17th centuries but using cutting-edge technologies such as digital imaging and artificial intelligence. The Museum of Photography is also presenting, in its gallery, a body of work by Catherine Larré entitled Anthese ...


Top Gun 1 and 2: the 7 differences between the two films

o has lost his voice to throat cancer since 2017, makes an emotional return in this film. The reunion scene with Maverick was made possible thanks to artificial intelligence that allowed the actor's voice to be reconstructed. 3- A new girlfriend In this sequel, Maverick is no longer in a relatio ...


Companies: 6 good reasons to use Business Intelligence

y visible. This is the third good reason for a business owner to use business intelligence. BI tools like DataRobot, Qlik Sense or Toucan Toco use artificial intelligence to automatically generate easy-to-read dashboards. This allows you to better visualize what needs improvement, learn from y ...


Cancers: the exhibition that plays down the disease at the Cité des Sciences

hibition also highlights the advances in cancer research in recent years. Several exciting innovations in development are presented, such as the use of artificial intelligence to analyze scans and predict the progression of certain tumors or the use of sniffer dogs to detect breast cancer! Did you k ...