Kitchen Garbage: 5 Tips Against Odors

With the heat, kitchen waste has an unfortunate tendency to emit foul odors. It all depends on the type of waste you throw away, but also on how often you clean it. We suggest you discover 5 tips to fight against odors in your kitchen waste.

1- A complete cleaning every week

The first tip you need to know about removing bad odors in a kitchen trash can is to clean it completely.

Remove the trash bag and get Gloves and a multi-surface cleaner to perform this major cleaning. Proceed methodically to wash and rinse all interior and exterior surfaces of the trash can.

To prevent this odor problem from returning, it's a good idea to clean your kitchen trash can once a week.

2- The right size bags

The size of your garbage bags also affects the odors that come out of them. If you use the wrong bags, your kitchen garbage can will smell even worse, whether the bag is too small or too big!

So the second tip to avoid this problem is to choose bags that are the exact size of your trash container. Take the time to measure it and look for the exact size bags you need at the supermarket.

To note: when cooking foods that have a strong odor, such as shrimp or fresh fish for example, be careful not to throw the waste directly into your kitchen trash can! Place them in a small bag that you seal and dispose of as soon as possible at the garbage disposal.

3- Bicarbonate to deodorize

The third of our 5 tips against odors in a kitchen trash can is baking soda. This inexpensive but very useful everyday white powder has deodorizing properties.

Just sprinkle a little bit of it in the bottom of your trash can, before putting the bag back in, and it will absorb a lot of the bad odors.

4- A paper impregnated with white vinegar

White vinegar is another multipurpose product to have at home. It is very often used in organic and healthy household preparations and tips.

But did you know that this natural cleaner can help you remove bad odors from your kitchen garbage?

A simple and effective anti-odor trick is to soak two sheets of paper towels with white vinegar and place them in the bottom of your trash can, under the bag.

5- Lemon for a sweet smelling trash can

Another leading ingredient in the organic and natural household, lemon can be used in various forms to deodorize a kitchen trash can.

For example, you can scoop lemon peel with a paring knife and place it in the bottom of your trash can to remove bad odors.

You can also use lemon juice to sanitize, disinfect and deodorize this container when you do your weekly cleaning (see tip #1).

If you don't have a lemon tree in your garden, the easiest way is to use lemon essential oil. Put a few drops of Essential oil on a tissue and place it in the bottom of the trash can under the bag. This will make it smell much better!

To note: depending on your personal preferences, you can use other essential oils like sweet orange, mint or rosemary Essential oil for example. All of them have a fresh but not too strong smell, pleasant in a kitchen.

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