Summer Table Decoration: 5 Ideas For A Cheap Decoration

The summer vacations are a time for family reunions and large gatherings. But you don't have to break the bank to create a beautiful summer table setting. Here are 5 inexpensive decorating ideas for your barbecues and other outdoor meals.

1- A recovery tablecloth

When it comes to table decor, the big trend of the summer is washed linen tablecloth, a sturdy fabric that is very soft to the touch. This durable, crinkle-effect material has the big advantage of not needing ironing.

A washed linen tablecloth is a must-have for a summertime table decor. Of course, this purchase represents a small investment... which will pay off in the long run because this material is known for its great resistance and exceptional durability.

If you don't have a washed linen tablecloth, you can also use an old linen or washed hemp sheet. You can also set the place setting on a wooden table, using a piece of linen fabric as a table runner.

Either way, use a plain linen fabric, in a neutral or pastel color for example.

2- Mismatched dishes

In summer, conviviality is the key word for large family gatherings. That's why it's not necessary to opt for a table decoration that's too chic or stuffy.

If your table setting is incomplete, take the opportunity to dress the table with two different sets. For example, if you're setting place settings for 6 people, use 3 plates of one kind and 3 plates of another kind.

Alternate plates and glasses for a cheerfully bohemian result. To create visual harmony, however, be sure to use sets in the same style, such as with a floral pattern or at least a common color.

The effect will be more successful if you do not mix everything. Favor plates and glasses that are comparable in shape and size.

3- Color to brighten the table

Vintage and mismatched dishes is one of the new trends in tableware. But, to avoid taste mistakes, it's best to avoid putting more than 3 dominant colors in the same decoration.

To avoid weighing down your table decor in the summer, choose three main colors (for the tablecloth, plates and napkins for example).

You can either opt for pastel shades appreciated for their softness when the natural sunlight is bright, or for stronger shades such as yellow, which will put cheerfulness in your table decoration.

A good solution to not go wrong is also to use a cameo of blues associated with white. This marriage of colors that evokes the Mediterranean and the marine style is the simplest solution to avoid any taste mistakes.

4- Bouquets of flowers picked by you

Another inexpensive but bluff idea for your summer table decor is to pick flowers from the fields. Take advantage of a walk in the countryside or the resources of your garden to pick up wildflowers and compose one or more bouquets for the table.

Again, there's no need to break out the crystal vases! Simple pitchers, glass jars or jam jars can serve as salvaged vases for a country yet inexpensive decoration.

If you have these types of containers, you can even slip your small flower bouquets into a milk jug, teapot or small decorative watering can.

5- Light to extend the party into the evening

Lighting is the essential finishing touch to a summer table setting. If you decide to host a summer meal on the patio or in the garden, you'll need a light source to extend the party after dark.

Many cheap solutions exist, so you'll be spoilt for choice between large candles, tea lights in candle holders or a white or multicolored guinguette garland...

If you opt for the guinguette garland, hang it above your table. You can also use a fine micro LED garland and arrange it on the table as a lighted centerpiece. Fairytale atmosphere guaranteed!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: 1pianystrom on Pixabay
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