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Making a mosquito repellent candle: the easy way

What equipment do you need? To make a homemade mosquito repellent candle from 100% natural ingredients, you need: 50 g of beeswax 10 ml of vegetable oil (sunflower or olive oil for example) a glass jar of about 5 cm in diameter a cotton wick a wooden chopstick (Asian chopstick or skewer type ...


Christmas DIY: how to make an advent wreath?

. Its circular shape is a very old symbol of eternal life, as are the fir or Pine branches that stay green all year round. This wreath has four candles that are traditionally lit to mark the four Sundays before Christmas Eve. The first candle is lit on the 4th Sunday before Christmas, two c ...


Coloquintes: conservation tips and decoration ideas

that you place as a centerpiece for a decoration that evokes both fall and nature. Copyright: PublicDomainPictures 2- Dig them up to make candle holders When you harvest the coloquintes or buy them at the market, choose the smallest and most stable specimens to make them into candle hol ...


Christmas DIY: how to make an advent calendar?

ced by candy. Another tradition related to this period is the Advent wreath made of fir, pine, Holly or mistletoe branches and decorated with four candles. The four candles symbolize the four weeks of Advent and an additional candle is lit each Sunday before Christmas. ...


Unusual tourism: 5 haunted places in France

lso known for: - its green ladies who walk on the banks of the pond of Folie - his black goat who constantly circles the Gaberie pond with a candle between his horns - the black hen who is said to continually haunt the shores of the Basse pond. You will have understood, it is not r ...


Summer table decoration: 5 ideas for a cheap decoration

in the garden, you'll need a light source to extend the party after dark. Many cheap solutions exist, so you'll be spoilt for choice between large candles, tea lights in candle holders or a white or multicolored guinguette garland... If you opt for the guinguette garland, hang it above your ta ...


Charroux in Allier : one of the most beautiful villages in France

it contains. Arts and crafts are also well represented in the village, including a soap factory, several pottery makers and a store selling handmade candles with original fragrances. View this post on Instagram A post shared by the field candle (@labougiedeschamps) I ...