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Arabic calligraphy: 5 things to know about this artistic practice

, that this artistic practice has now spread outside the Arab countries and is practiced by men and women of all ages. 3- It expresses beauty and harmony Arabic calligraphy involves handwriting Arabic script in a fluid manner to express harmony, grace and beauty. It uses the 28 letters of the ...


Cultivate your garden naturally by combining plants!

the minerals and nutrients they bring to the soil, and their flowers, which are useful for pollination. Creating a vegetable garden by working in harmony with nature will provide you with healthy harvests of fruits and vegetables while preserving the biodiversity in your garden. Useful plants ...


Forest Wind: artistic walks in the woods

Works in harmony with the forest Vent des forêts is an initiative that offers you to hike in the woods between Bar-le-Duc and Verdun and go on a discovery of a hundred contemporary art installations. These works in wood, iron or stone are the creations of international artists. They have been i ...


Christmas: 5 plants to offer for the holidays

ost on Instagram A post shared by Pokok Man (@pokok.man) In India, this perennial plant is considered a good luck charm that brings harmony and serenity in the home. So alocasia makes a great gift idea to start the new year off right! It also has the advantage of being an easy-g ...


James Whistler at the Musée d'Orsay: 5 good reasons to visit this exhibition

in profile, wearing a large black dress. But as is often the case in Whistler's paintings, this portrait is merely a pretext for the depiction of a subtle harmony of molten hues ranging from white to very dark gray. View this post on Instagram A publication shared by Le Jour ...


Holi: 5 things to know about the festival of colors

rs or colored water at each other in a joyful profusion of bright colors. The different colors used each have a specific meaning: green represents harmony, orange optimism, blue vitality and red joy and love. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Holi Mela (@dallasfes ...


Summer table decoration: 5 ideas for a cheap decoration

r 6 people, use 3 plates of one kind and 3 plates of another kind. Alternate plates and glasses for a cheerfully bohemian result. To create visual harmony, however, be sure to use sets in the same style, such as with a floral pattern or at least a common color. The effect will be more successf ...


5 tips for organizing an eco-friendly picnic

1- Switch to plastic-free picnics For decades, our meals in nature have been accompanied by plastic cups and cutlery. With the gradual banning of single-use plastics, alternatives are readily available in stores. To organize an eco-friendly picnic, forget plastic cutlery and prefer Opinel knife ...