Why Sleep In Separate Rooms As A Couple?

Contrary to what is often imagined, leaving the marital bed is not necessarily synonymous with a decline in the romantic relationship. Most couples who choose to sleep separately do so first for their comfort and the quality of their sleep. We have listed 5 good reasons for you to have separate bedrooms as a couple.

To regain restorative sleep.

Even the most romantic among us believe that there's no better sleep than with one's significant other, the reality is that it's not always easy to get a good night's rest together!

People who snore, toss and turn all night, or hog the covers often prevent their partner from sleeping. Snoring and different sleep schedules are the top reasons for sleeping in separate bedrooms as a couple.

Sleeping in separate beds is the simplest solution to finding restorative sleep and might even save your relationship when one partner's disturbed sleep becomes a source of conflict...

To stimulate desire.

It is often said that sleeping in separate rooms signals the end of a couple and their intimacy. However, this is a rather false misconception. Couples who have chosen to sleep separately confirm that this distance creates desire and enhances the longing to be together.

Separate sleepers for practical reasons (such as snoring or night sweats) find their relationship rejuvenated. They arrange meetings as they did at the start of their romance and wake up in a much better mood in the early morning, after a good night's sleep.

But, of course, it doesn't work if one sleeps separately for the wrong reasons, for instance because they've had an argument, are sulking, or are emotionally blackmailing their partner.

To spice up one's sex life.

Sleeping in separate rooms also provides couples with the opportunity to spice up their sex life by requiring the lovebirds to get creative. The bedroom is not the only room in the house where you can make love. Even when not sharing the same bed, it is possible to maintain a fulfilling sexual relationship with one's partner, provided that you make time for each other and create opportunities to be together.

To gain perspective on one's relationship.

Sometimes, when a relationship is struggling, sleeping in separate rooms is a good way to gain perspective without the need to break up. When one can no longer stand the other's presence in the same bed, whether it's due to snoring or other nuisances, sleeping apart is a compromise solution.

As we mentioned before, this simple change can be enough to soothe conflicts related to sleeplessness and bring a fresh start to the relationship.

When disagreements are more serious, sleeping separately allows for a change of scenery and to reflect more calmly on one's future. It can help you take a break and assess your romantic relationship before deciding whether or not to separate.

To feel free in one's choices.

Even after years of living together, a couple always remains composed of two distinct individuals. Romantic comedies and other love myths tend to make us forget this reality.

In real life, the love that binds two people does not mean that one is chained to the other. That's why if your partner's snoring is disturbing your sleep, you remain free to do what is best for you.

Many people feel guilty about not sleeping together anymore and wonder if it is normal... Moreover, despite the practical difficulties of sharing the same bed, many couples do not like to sleep separately.

If the idea of completely deserting the marital bed displeases you, you can devise your own arrangement and do it only a few days a week. There is no standard in this matter, and it is up to you to decide what suits you best.

Lack of sleep makes one irritable and is likely to harm the harmony in the relationship. Faced with this problem, going to sleep in another room when you feel the need is a solution not to be overlooked in order to sleep better but also to love each other better.

Author: Audrey
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