Natural Aphrodisiacs: 3 Ideas To Boost Your Libido

Some foods, as well as certain spices or plants, are known to stimulate sexual desire. These ingredients, easy to find and safe for the body in small doses, can gently boost one's libido. We offer you a brief overview of natural aphrodisiacs.

Start a course of stimulating herbs.

The first of the 3 ideas to boost your libido is to take a course of stimulating herbs. The root of ginseng, used for millennia in Chinese medicine, is among the natural aphrodisiacs because it improves physical stamina and has a vasodilatory effect. Ginseng is therefore recommended for men in a one-month course (in capsule form, for example).

Ginkgo biloba is another interesting plant as it affects the brain's chemical messengers: acetylcholine, dopamine, and norepinephrine. A ginkgo biloba course is suitable for both men and women, upon medical advice.

Maca, considered a symbol of fertility in Peru, truly deserves its reputation. Taken in a one-month course, it allows both men and women to regain energy and libido.

Note: in another category, ylang-ylang essential oil is regarded as a natural aphrodisiac because its scent is thought to stimulate desire. If you enjoy its fragrance, you can try this sensual oil in a massage after diluting it in a neutral oil.

2- Consuming foods with unsuspected benefits.

In addition to these plants (available in drugstores, herbalist shops, or organic stores), did you know that some very common foods are natural aphrodisiacs? Here is a non-exhaustive list that should inspire you to compose a Valentine's Day menu or prepare a romantic meal!

Oysters contain a large amount of zinc, a trace element that contributes to the synthesis of testosterone (and is therefore highly recommended for men). For a zinc boost, know that it can also be found in raw wheat germ.

Another food that stimulates testosterone production is asparagus. Its richness in vitamin E makes it an interesting food for both women and men.

Good news for sweet tooths: dark chocolate stimulates the secretion of dopamine, a hormone responsible for the sensation of pleasure. So, without feeling guilty, one can nibble on two squares of 70% chocolate in the evening!

3- Using spices to spice up one's relationship.

There's nothing like spices to spice up a romantic evening! Thanks to their warming and stimulating properties, most spices are natural aphrodisiacs.

Ginger is undoubtedly the most well-known aphrodisiac, but it's not the only one… Saffron, cinnamon, chili, pepper, and even vanilla: all these ingredients are believed to have a stimulating effect.

The scent of vanilla has an euphoric effect while cayenne pepper has a vasodilating and stimulating effect. However, there's no need to overdo it. Imagination and the placebo effect are usually enough to boost libido…

Good to know

To avoid disappointments, let's clarify that these natural aphrodisiacs only stimulate an existing desire. They all have a stimulating effect, but are not miraculous.

When libido is low, other factors are usually at play, such as fatigue, stress, and a weakened physical or psychological health state. In such cases, it is better to treat the cause rather than to consume aphrodisiac substances in abundance.

The advantage of the previously mentioned safe aphrodisiacs is that they also act as placebos. In the mysterious realm of desire, as in the process of healing, the power of belief can sometimes be as effective as the substances themselves.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Marco Verch on Flickr
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