World Diabetes Day: A Day Of Information And Prevention

Diabetes is a pathology on the rise, so much so that doctors do not hesitate to speak of an epidemic. In France, more than 4 million people live with this chronic disease. To raise awareness among the general public about this condition and especially about ways to prevent it, November 14th has been declared World Diabetes Day.

A day of mobilization

World Diabetes Day is a global diabetes awareness campaign organized every November 14 by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

This day, supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), was launched in 1991 in response to the steadily increasing number of diabetics worldwide.

Nearly 4 million people have diabetes in France, and half a million of them are unaware of it. Indeed, this disease is often silent until it causes sometimes irreversible damage, such as cardiovascular accidents.

Why November 14th?

World Diabetes Day is set for November 14th in honor of Frederick Banting.

This Canadian physician, born on November 14, 1891, along with Charles Best, is the co-discoverer of insulin. The discovery of insulin in 1922 earned him the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1923.

A day to get informed.

World Diabetes Day is celebrated by more than 200 associations in 160 countries. It is an opportunity for numerous events related to the disease: public information, free screening tests, workshops, and exhibitions.

Even though the disease is skyrocketing in France as elsewhere, the diabetes epidemic is not inevitable.

Every year, on November 14th, doctors and associations take the opportunity to remind people that good lifestyle habits (including a balanced diet and regular physical activity) are the best prevention.

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In French: La journée mondiale du diabète : un jour d'information et de prévention
En español: El Día Mundial de la Diabetes: una jornada de información y prevención.
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