Beauty: Understand Eyelash Enhancement In 5 Questions

You have short lashes and/or you dream of having a doe-eyed look without applying mascara? Lash enhancement is for you! We explain to you what this aesthetic care consists of in 5 questions.

1- What is it about?

The lash enhancement is a technique practiced in beauty salons to curl lashes and create a long-lasting 'mascara effect' without the need to apply makeup.

This treatment is aimed at all those who have short lashes or who wish to have a doe-eyed look without going through the step of mascara or eyelash curler.

If you're tired of applying mascara every morning to intensify your eyes, this treatment could save you a lot of time in your beauty routine.

This treatment is very trendy at the moment and is appreciated by women who are allergic to makeup or who have very straight lashes that are difficult to curl even with mascara.

Be aware, however, that even if you have naturally long lashes, this treatment can make them even more beautiful and give you an intense look right out of bed.

2- What are the differences with a lash perm?

Eyelash enhancement should not be confused with other treatments for this part of the eyes (perm, extension and coloring in particular).

The permanent eyelash curl curls the lash at the length while the enhancement attacks the base of the lash. It is therefore more suitable for short lashes. It opens up the eyes and offers a more natural result.

To note: whether you opt for the perm or the enhancement, be aware that these two treatments do not improve the density of the lashes. Therefore, if you have sparse lashes, it is better to opt for an extension that gives the illusion of full lashes for several weeks.

Furthermore, enhancement should not be confused with lash extension or coloring, both of which can be offered as complementary treatments.

3- How does the session work?

Eyelash enhancement is a treatment that must be practiced by a professional esthetician because it requires specific know-how. It cannot be performed at home, at the risk of burning the hairs.

This treatment, which is painless, lasts on average one hour. During the entire session, you will need to keep your eyes closed.

The products used have strong odors but do not damage the lashes, provided that the treatment is performed by a professional and is not repeated too often.

After studying the shape of the eye and the lashes, the beautician applies a bulging silicone patch to the upper eyelid and then she glues the lashes one by one to this patch using tweezers. She then applies a first softening and curling product to the lashes.

After about fifteen minutes of application, she removes them from the patch to apply a fixing product that must again remain on for about fifteen minutes. It is at this stage of the treatment that the lashes take on a beautiful curvature.

It is then possible, if you wish, to complete the session with an extension or coloring of the lashes.

4- How much does it cost?

It costs an average of €75 per session to benefit from an eyelash enhancement sometimes coupled with an eyelash tint.

Depending on the beauty institute chosen, prices can range from €70 to €100 per session.

This represents an investment but the result is really amazing. This amount is the price to pay to have dream lashes!

5- How long does it last?

The big advantage of an eyelash enhancement and that the effect lasts for several weeks.

In the 48 hours following the session, you should avoid water, mascara and makeup remover so as not to collapse the curvature of the lashes. Afterwards, you can apply all the products you want on your eyes without any problem.

The fringe of your lashes will stay curved for an average of 6 weeks, without you needing to maintain your lashes or apply any special care.

But be careful not to become addicted to this technique! Indeed, it is advisable to space the sessions by at least 3 months. If repeated too often, this care can weaken the lashes, just as hair coloring can weaken the hair fiber.

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