Beauty: What Are The Effects Of Smoking On Your Appearance?

Prevention campaigns keep telling us that smoking is bad for our health. But did you know that smoking is also bad for your beauty? To convince you to stop smoking or to dissuade you from lighting up your first cigarette, we have listed 5 effects of smoking on your appearance.

1- Smoking turns teeth yellow

The reason many smokers are reluctant to smile through their teeth is because smoking is, along with tea and coffee consumption, one of the main factors in yellowing teeth.

Yellow teeth and bad breath are among the most visible effects of smoking on appearance and regular tooth brushing is not enough to remedy this.

As a result of smoking, the gums are also more often affected by diseases that promote tooth decay.

Finally, dental infections such as cavities and abscesses are more common and more severe in smokers.

The same nicotine-related yellowing can also be seen on the skin of your fingers and on your nails on the side where you hold your cigarette...

2- Tobacco makes your complexion grey

Prevention messages tell us that smoking is seriously damaging to our health. But it is not said enough that smoking seriously damages the beauty of the skin. This is an argument that could dissuade many young men and women from starting to smoke.

Smoking is particularly damaging to the health and radiance of the skin. It makes the complexion duller and greyer.

The reason smokers look grey is because the skin undergoes additional oxidation due to smoking.

3- Smoking accentuates aging and skin problems

Just like excessive exposure to the sun, smoking accelerates skin aging: wrinkles appear more in smokers and they are deeper and more pronounced.

Smoking also promotes the appearance of brown spots and the sagging of the oval of the face because it has an oxidizing effect as well as a harmful effect on the vessels located in the dermis.

For the same reasons, smoking also accentuates dark circles under the eyes.

Finally, smoking aggravates skin problems, such as rosacea but also psoriasis and eczema in people who suffer from them.

4- Smoking causes dull hair

Smoking affects your appearance not only in your face, hands and nails but also in your hair.

In addition to impregnating your hair with a cigarette smell, smoking robs it of certain nutrients that are essential for its beauty such as amino acids, vitamin B and trace elements.

This is why, in smokers, hair is duller and turns gray sooner.

Also, hair growth is slowed down and if you are prone to seasonal hair loss, be aware that smoking only amplifies this phenomenon.

5- Smoking leaves you with a lingering smell of cold tobacco

Another negative effect of smoking on your appearance is the cold tobacco smell that lingers on your skin and clothes long after you've stubbed out your cigarette.

Many smokers simply camouflage tobacco odors with perfume and chew gum for bad breath.

But the best way to take care of yourself and your appearance is of course to stop smoking! As you can see, quitting smoking will not only benefit your health but also your beauty...

By getting rid of your addiction to tobacco, you will find a clearer complexion, whiter teeth and hair more beautiful and less brittle.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Pxhere
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