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Health: understanding osteopenia or bone fragility in 5 questions

1- What is the difference between osteopenia and osteoporosis? When you have a bone density scan to check your bone density, the results are given as a number called a T-score. - If the T-score is greater than -1, your bone density is considered normal. - If the T-score is between -1 ...


Garden: how to create a cool oasis?

n of cool islands aims to counteract the phenomenon of heat islands, which are areas where heat is concentrated due to the lack of vegetation and the density of concrete, glass, and asphalt constructions... On a smaller scale, it is possible to create a cool island in one's garden in order to enjoy ...


Fine Hair: 5 Tips to Add Volume

e more body. Everyone with fine hair knows this well: the main disadvantage of this type of hair is the lack of volume. When your hair seems to lack density and texture, the first trick to give it more body is to apply a dye. Coloring your hair at the salon or at home has an immediate, albeit tempo ...


Beauty: understand eyelash enhancement in 5 questions

and offers a more natural result. To note: whether you opt for the perm or the enhancement, be aware that these two treatments do not improve the density of the lashes. Therefore, if you have sparse lashes, it is better to opt for an extension that gives the illusion of full lashes for several w ...


Sun in the garden: how to measure the exposure of your garden?

sh. You can also shade your vegetable garden by building wooden or metal structures to which you attach canisses or clapboards. To modulate the density of the shade, consider adjusting the height of the structure. The higher it is, the more area the shade will cover during the day. It will pro ...


How to make a tropical garden in France ?

al garden in France and recreate a jungle atmosphere near your home. In order to create an atmosphere worthy of a lush forest, you can play on the density of plantings, the volume of plants and the contrast between foliage. So, to make this corner of your garden truly exotic, don't be afraid to a ...