Inflation: 4 Applications To Better Manage Your Budget

With inflation, it's more important than ever to watch your spending to avoid sending your bank account into the red. If one of your New Year's resolutions is to be more frugal and/or save money, you should know that there are digital tools that can help you achieve your goals. We've selected 4 apps to help you manage your budget better.

1- Budget pilot

Pilot Budget is a mobile application that has the advantages of being free, serious and confidential. It is completely anonymous, not connected to the Internet and to your accounts.

This app, available for Android or iPhone devices, was developed by ten associative, public and private actors, in order to help users anticipate their expenses and better control their budget. This educational tool is even recommended by the Banque de France (which is a real guarantee of seriousness).

Unlike other applications to manage your budget, it is not connected to your bank accounts. Once you have downloaded it on your smartphone, it is up to you to indicate your resources and fixed expenses (housing, transportation, health, taxes and various insurances...).

The application then takes care of calculating your remaining living expenses. In other words, it tells you how much money you have left per month and per week for your other expenses, which is particularly useful if you are a student or a household on a tight budget.

At any time, you can adjust your expenses and resources up or down as your situation changes.

2- Expenses pilot

Expense Tracker is another of the 4 apps to better manage your budget. Complementary to the first one, it allows you to track your expenses on a daily basis.

To know very precisely how much money you have left and not to exceed your available balance, you just have to enter the amount of the monthly living balance calculated by the Budget Pilot application, then indicate your expenses as you go.

By the way, you don't even have to use your smartphone keyboard to type in the amounts one by one... You can dictate them for even more simplicity!

Thanks to Pilote Dépenses, you keep control of your budget and don't forget to account for any expense, not even small everyday purchases like a loaf of bread or a coffee on the terrace.

The application allows you to visualize the money you have left from day to day and thus not to put your bank account in overdraft.

It also allows you to categorize your expenses by area (food, transportation, clothing) to identify what costs you the most. Thus, you can visualize the expenses that you can reduce or even eliminate.

Finally, this app gives you tracking savings, which encourages you to save

3- High speed budget

The Budget grande vitesse or BGV application for those in the know is a French creation. It was developed for the Crésus Foundation, which supports people with excessive debt.

Unlike the two previous applications to better manage your budget, it asks you to connect to the application your current accounts and your deferred debit bank card.

The BGV app then automatically retrieves the transactions that are taking place on your current account or that will take place at the end of the month for purchases with a deferred debit bank card. But of course, all this information remains confidential.

Not only does this tool show you the evolution of your budget from day to day, but it also tells you if you are entitled to certain social aid thanks to an online simulator.

4- Tricount

If you need to manage shared expenses with other people, such as with your roommates or with your friends, Tricount is the app for you!

This free app helps you keep track of your various payments transparently and calculate the share owed by each member of the group, when going out, buying a gift together, or going on a vacation together...

Even if it does not directly concern the management of personal expenses, Tricount deserves to be among the 4 apps to better manage your budget because it is very simple and convenient to use for all group projects.

With this app, good accounts make good friends!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Tim Samuel on Pexels
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