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Physical activity: 95% of French people do not move enough according to ANSES

ity levels for good health, compared with 42% of men. Unsurprisingly, city dwellers are more at risk of a sedentary lifestyle than those living in rural areas. People living in the Paris region spend an average of 2 hours more each day in a sedentary lifestyle than people living in rural areas. ...


The MuMo: the museum truck that democratizes contemporary art.

stimated that since 2011, this itinerant museum has met more than 150,000 visitors. This initiative, which introduces modern and contemporary art in rural and peri-urban areas, is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Art Explora Foundation. Three carefully designed trucks in twelve years. S ...


Vaujany: 5 good reasons to choose this village resort

1- Preserved authenticity The winter sports resort of Vaujany was born in 1989 in the shadow of its imposing neighbour Alpe d'Huez. Vaujany is one of the 20 communes that make up the canton of Oisans located in the north of the Isère department. Unlike the other large resorts in the Alps, th ...


Health: the boom of teleconsultation in France

ffices. - it offers a practical solution to patients who are unable to travel due to age or disability or lack of transportation, particularly in rural areas. - it is as reliable as a traditional consultation: indeed, even at a distance, the doctor is required to provide the same infor ...


6 ideas to boost your purchasing power immediately

ehold wallets, gasoline is most certainly placed first. It can be difficult to do without a car for those who don't live near work, those who live in rural areas and don't have a business nearby... but there are points of attention that can save you money. First are you forced to take your car to ...


Forest management: what if France were to take its cue from Portugal?

created a fire management agency or Agif (link below) to carry out a comprehensive prevention policy including different measures: - maintaining rural areas - cutting down eucalyptus trees near villages - replanting local tree species - developing eco-pasture with goats and sheep ...


Un dimanche à la campagne: what is the value of Frédéric Lopez's new show?

television, Frederic Lopez chose to invite personalities to spend A Sunday in the country. As the title suggests, the atmosphere of this new show is rural and we see three guests arrive in a boat in a large country house. Does this sound familiar? It's perfectly normal! The 55-year-old host fully ...