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Artemis 1 Mission: 5 things to know about NASA's program to the Moon

ts first test flight. With the launch of this giant next-generation rocket, NASA is also launching its Artemis Program to send astronauts back to the moon. The SLS (for Space Launch System) rocket will propel an unmanned capsule called Orion around the Moon for a 6-week test flight. The rocket ...


Space: 5 events expected in 2022

gram is the most ambitious aerospace project of the decade. With this manned space program, NASA the U.S. space agency aims to bring a crew to the moon by 2025. This program aims to explore the Moon through the organization of regular missions and should lead to the installation of a permanent ...


Chinese New Year: date and traditions

ries from year to year, but always falls between January 21 and February 20. Like all Chinese lunar month beginnings, it is the first day of a new moon. By convention, the astronomical alignment that signals the new moon is determined at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Beijing. Each Chinese ...


Hobbies: why garden?

with Nature. Growing a garden forces gardeners to follow the rhythm of the seasons and, for some, the lunar calendar indicating the phases of the Moon. Many make the choice to garden with the moon to have more beautiful and abundant crops. The success of urban vegetable gardens and shared gar ...


Leisure: 5 good reasons to return to the Futuroscope

wn for offering thrills. But that all changed with the new Objective Mars attraction. Short of being able to borrow Tintin's rocket in the Objective Moon album, you board a chariot for a thrilling rollercoaster ride. With its super-powerful motors and a loss of sense of direction, this roller ...


Chinese New Year 2022: what does the Water Tiger symbolize?

impulsiveness. How is the New Year celebrated? As a reminder, Chinese New Year is the first day of the first Chinese calendar month based on the Moon. The precise date of the New Year changes each year but is always between January 21 and February 20. Unlike the Western New Year, which ce ...


Computing: 3 women who have marked the history of computing

he software for the Apollo 8 mission. While computer programming is still in its infancy, she is asked to code a program that could put men on the moon. Although this was a huge challenge at the time, Margaret Hamilton succeeded in developing the computer system that was used to guide the craf ...


10 Chinese Dramas for Beginners

, loving justice who travel through ancient China. This series tells the story of the struggle between two sects of swordsmen, The Snow Tower and the Moon Sect, an eternal struggle between good and evil between men who love justice and others blinded by power. Exceptionally filmed fights, lavish set ...