5 Good Reasons To Visit New York In Autumn

Very popular destination for French travelers, Big Apple is bustling in all seasons, but slightly less crowded by tourists in the fall. It's a shame because this time of year is actually one of the best seasons to discover this city. To convince you, here are 5 good reasons to visit New York in the autumn.

1- To take advantage of better rates

The first of the 5 good reasons to visit New York in autumn is, of course, the prices of flights and hotels. Once the high summer season has passed and the Christmas period is still far away, you have a good chance to enjoy the best rates to explore the Big Apple!

The period from September to November is characterized by less tourist crowds compared to spring, summer, and end-of-year holidays. That's why it's a good plan to know in order to benefit from promotions or more advantageous rates.

2- To admire the colors of Central Park

Even if the Big Apple seems quieter at this time of year, it is not lacking in attractions to seduce visitors. In September-October, Indian summer settles on the North American continent and the trees take on flamboyant colors. This magnificent spectacle alone is one of the 5 good reasons to visit New York in the fall!

To admire all the shades of orange and red of the season, it is necessary to go to Central Park, specifically to the southern part of the park, by the Bow Bridge. The largest bridge in Central Park is also the most romantic place to enjoy the autumn colors reflected in the lake.

3- To celebrate Halloween

If you want to celebrate Halloween in the purest American tradition, it is at the end of October that you must go across the Atlantic. The traditional Village Halloween Parade (that is to say, the Halloween parade of Greenwich Village) is another of the 5 good reasons to visit New York in autumn.

The celebrations on October 31st in the United States are on an unparalleled scale in France or Europe. So, if you like spectacular decorations, terrifying costumes, and trick-or-treating, fly to Big Apple to experience the most monstrous Halloween party of your life!

4- To enjoy Thanksgiving and Black Friday

In another vein, autumn is also the time for Thanksgiving, the ultimate family celebration in the eyes of Americans. Another one of the 5 good reasons to visit New York in autumn is the opportunity to discover this tradition that we are not familiar with in Europe.

The date of Thanksgiving changes every year as this holiday is organized on the fourth Thursday of November. On this occasion, Americans gather with family or friends around a big meal, traditionally featuring turkey served with stuffing and cranberry sauce.

In New York, the highlight of the day is the Macy's department store parade or Macy's Parade with its giant balloons. It is an event that New Yorkers wouldn't miss for anything, whether they attend in person or watch it on TV on the NBC channel.

The day after Thanksgiving is another day not to be missed, especially for shopping addicts! Across the country, Black Friday offers incredible sales, and New York stores are no exception.

Americans consider Thanksgiving as the start of the holiday season and take advantage of Black Friday to start buying their Christmas gifts. If you are in New York at the end of November, you will notice Christmas decorations in stores and see the city light up in anticipation of the festivities. You will already be in the mood for a Christmas in New York, but with much less crowd and tourists than in December.

5- To attend cultural or sports events

New York is nicknamed "the city that never sleeps" and even in autumn, this great metropolis does not go into hibernation. On the contrary, this time of year is a period of great renewal for exhibitions in New York museums. So you can take advantage of your stay to discover the new exhibitions at the MoMa (Museum of Modern Art) or the Whitney Museum of American Art.

You can also explore New York street art in the neighborhoods of Bushwick, Brooklyn, and the Lower East Side, attend a Broadway show or a jazz concert in a Greenwich Village club.

And if you're more of a sports fan, note that autumn is the season for the start of basketball (the famous NBA) and ice hockey (NHL) leagues. The opportunity to attend a season-opening game is another of the 5 good reasons to go to New York in autumn.

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