5 Good Reasons To Go To London In Autumn

Didn't take a summer vacation? What if you planned a trip to England before the end of December? Contrary to what we sometimes imagine, the capital of the United Kingdom has many attractions at this time of the year. We have listed for you 5 good reasons to go to London in autumn.

1- To walk in the Kew gardens

Despite its 8 million inhabitants, the English capital is home to many green spaces that take on flamboyant colors in autumn. The Kew Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is undoubtedly one of the city's most beautiful parks.

A walk through these 120-hectare botanical gardens rich with an incredible collection of plants and trees from around the world is one of the 5 good reasons to go to London in autumn alone.

Come stroll through one of the world's largest botanical gardens and admire its magnificent Victorian greenhouses! The large lake in the middle of the garden is especially beautiful in the fall, when the trees change color and offer a magnificent gradation of yellow, orange and red reflected in the water.

If the weather is good, you can even Picnic in these gardens, it's allowed! To learn more, check out the official website (link at the bottom of the page).

2- To stock up on sweaters and scarves

Shopping is one of the 5 good reasons to go to London in autumn (as in any other season ;-))

The stores located in Oxford Street and Regent Street are a must when visiting the English capital. The same goes for Harrods the iconic department store where we love to stroll, even without buying anything.

To plan your shopping, just note that the stores are quieter before lunch time. So it's worth arriving early to enjoy a great day of shopping. If you're a late riser, you can also shop by night as the major stores stay open until 9 or 10 pm.

3- To find refuge in the Natural History Museum

With its many museums and galleries, the English capital has no Shortage of places where you can take refuge if it starts to rain and/or the weather turns cold.

Even when the weather doesn't cooperate, it's still possible to get your fill of culture in the city, and that's one of the top 5 reasons to go to London in the fall!

In particular, we recommend going to the Natural History Museum which has amazing animal, mineral and even dinosaur specimens!

The Natural History Museum London (or NHM to its friends) is one of the most famous museums in London and its admission is free.

4- To have a coffee at the mythical Monmouth café

To warm up on an autumn afternoon in the English capital, you can of course have a good cup of tea, the favorite drink of the British...

But, even in the land of Tea Time, you can also drink a nice hot coffee. If you are a coffee lover, we recommend you to go to the mythical Monmouth Coffee.

This roasting company is very famous for its excellent coffees (and pastries). It has three London locations in the heart of Covent Garden, Bermondsey and Borough Market.

5- To celebrate Halloween in zombie or Harry Potter mode

The last of the 5 good reasons to go to London in the fall is, of course, the opportunity to celebrate Halloween in the purest British tradition!

On October 31, there are in the capital attractions for all tastes: Zombie Walk, Jack the Ripper themed walk, guided tour of some monuments and even a visit to the haunted pubs of the capital!

But, if you're taking this trip with kids or are a Potterhead yourself, we recommend visiting the filming locations of the Harry potter movies at Warner Bros Studios.

This time of year, the world of the little wizard is more magical than ever! Let yourself be transported to a fantastic world where magic is behind every costume, prop or set piece.

Author: Audrey
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