Visiting Narbonne: 5 Must-see Things To Do In The City

If you are lucky enough to spend your vacations in Occitania, don't miss to visit Narbonne, the sub-prefecture of Aude! With its downtown area rich in history, its vineyards, its canal and its sandy beach, this destination has a lot to offer to visitors. We have listed for you 5 must-see things to do there.

1- Stroll through the pedestrianized downtown area

The first of the 5 must-do things to do in Narbonne is to stroll through the city's historic center. To begin your visit, head to Place de l'Hôtel de Ville!

This square was built on the site of the Via Domitia, the ancient Roman road built in the first century BC to connect Spain to Italy.

A portion of the Via Domitia was discovered in the city center in 1997. Now restored, this small portion of paved road is a curiosity to be seen in front of the city hall.

Surrounding streets such as Rue Jean-Jaurès, Cours de la République and Cagnard de Cité are pedestrian areas where you can stroll at your leisure to discover stores, historical monuments and small cafes full of charm.

2- Stroll along the Canal de la Robine

The Canal de la Robine divides the center of Narbonne in two and offers a pleasant place to stroll along its towpath.

This canal which joins the Mediterranean Sea was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site along with the Canal du Midi in 1996.

During your stay, you will have the choice between strolling along the landscaped banks of the Robine canal or renting a pleasure boat to navigate its very calm waters.

You can then pass under the arch of the famous Pont des marchands built in the early 16th century. This remarkable site is today one of the only bridges in France to be inhabited.

Indeed, this Bridge has the particularity of carrying on its back houses and shops, like a merchant street. The Narbonnais call it by the way the street of the Bridge.

3- Visit the Cathedral of St. Augustine and St. Pastor

The most imposing religious building in Narbonne is the cathedral Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur of Gothic style located on rue Armand Gauthier.

Built between 1272 and 1340, this oversized cathedral for the size of the city was never completed. But that doesn't stop it from being the 4th highest cathedral in France! The vaults of the choir rise to the sky at over 40 meters high.

Don't hesitate to visit the Treasure Room: it houses a beautiful collection of precious liturgical objects made of ivory or silverware.

4- Swimming in Narbonne-Plage

If you plan to go through Narbonne during your stay in Occitania, don't forget to put your bathing suit in your suitcase!

The seaside resort of Narbonne-Plage is a 20-minute drive from the city center and offers a beautiful 5km beach of fine sand.

Not only can you enjoy the more than 2 km long promenade along the coastline, but you can also stroll around the marina and enjoy various water sports.

5- Explore the area

To complete your tour of the city, we recommend exploring the surrounding area, especially the local vineyards and the famous Fontfroide Abbey founded in 1093.

Narbonne is a stop on the Southwest Wine Route and the surrounding communes grow pinot noir, merlot, grenache and syrah to produce Les vins de Pays des Coteaux de Narbonne.

Ask about the wine tourism offerings in the area. The wineries open their doors to you for guided tours, mountain bike or electric scooter rides through the vineyards and tastings of course!

On the departmental road 613, stop at the famous abbey of Fontfroide to discover this architectural treasure of the Middle Ages and its wonderful gardens.

A visit to the abbey will also delight wine lovers as this place offers to discover Corbières wines and food and wine pairings in its tasting cellar.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Didier Descouens
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