Saint-vaast-la-hougue: 5 Good Reasons To Visit This Village In Normandy

Do you want a change of scenery without leaving the borders of France? What if you went to Normandy? Between beaches and hedged farmland, this region reconciles those who like to spend their holidays by the sea and those who prefer to relax in the countryside. It is also home to some of the most beautiful villages in France, such as the commune of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue in the Manche. We have listed for you 5 good reasons to visit this village in Normandy.

1- To discover its historical heritage

The commune of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue has much to offer to lovers of old stones and civil or religious architecture.

Its 19th-century church was built in Caen stone in a neo-Gothic imitation 13th-century style.

This building, opened for worship in 1861, has a characteristic that is unusual, to say the least: it is a church without a bell tower!

Don't hesitate to enter to enjoy the coolness of the place and admire the stained glass windows, the oldest of which dates from 1869.

Out of 64 stained glass windows in total, 38 are listed as historical monuments. Installed between 1897 and 1937, they are mostly the work of the master glassmaker Charles Lorin

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But the commune of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue in the Manche is best known for housing a major site of Vauban's work: the two observatory towers of Tatihou and La Hougue.

These two towers, one continental and the other insular, were listed in 2008 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site among the 'fortifications of Vauban'.

2- To participate in the Vauban week

If you want to know more about these two magnificent examples of Vauban architecture, July is the time to plan your visit!

Every summer, the commune of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue indeed organizes the Vauban Week, an event during which the site of the Hougue fort is opened free to the public.

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Various animations also come to Bridge this week: paddle and kayak outings, picnic, treasure hunt, free visits, sandcastle contest, discovery rally for children, commented visits and conferences.

To note: this year, the Vauban week gives you an appointment from 17 to 23 July 2021.

3- To stroll on the port

If the commune of Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue was elected Favorite Village of the French 2019 during the eponymous show broadcast on France 3, it is undoubtedly also for its picturesque fishing port.

This port, nestled on the Cotentin coast, is well sheltered from the west winds by a long jetty.

The third largest port in the Channel, it combines the activities of pleasure port and fishing. It has been awarded the Blue Flag label and the Trophée de l'Escale.

The marina, in operation since 1980, has 760 berths and 80 visitor berths.

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4- To eat oysters

Fishing is not the only notable activity in the commune, which is also known for its oyster farming.

This renowned oyster farming commune has some 250 hectares of parks. Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue is even considered as the cradle of the Norman oyster.

During your stay, don't miss the chance to taste the Saint-Vaast oyster, which is a favourite among oyster lovers for its nutty taste!

While Walking or by amphibious boat, you can also enjoy the amazing spectacle of oyster beds at low tide.

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5- To visit the island of Tatihou

The visit to the island of Tatihou is for many tourists the highlight of their stay in Saint-Vaast-la-Hougue.

To get to Tatihou you will have to board a strange boat...with wheels! This amphibious vehicle sails on the waves at high tide and rolls to the island at low tide.

In addition to the fun side of such a crossing, the island of Tatihou is worth a visit for its maritime museum, its gardens and its famous Vauban tower.

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A small corner of paradise, it offers to lovers of preserved nature a natural Space of 28 hectares. To learn more, read our article opposite!

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