Bouquet: Which Seasonal Flowers To Offer?

During the year, there are many opportunities to offer bouquets of flowers. But did you know that most of the bouquets offered in stores are not in season and are grown thousands of miles away from France? To make sure your bouquet is as kind to the planet as it is to its recipient, we explain which seasonal flowers to offer in autumn-winter.

Why give seasonal flowers?

When we go to the florist to offer cut flowers or an exotic plant, we don't necessarily think about the environmental impact of our purchase.

And yet, the cultivation of off-season flowers generates significant pollution: these species grow in greenhouses or come from the ends of the earth (from South America, Africa or Southeast Asia).

The intensive cultivation of flowers is also polluting for the soil because of the use of pesticides and fertilizers. When it is done in greenhouses, it requires a large amount of energy.

Giving seasonal flowers reduces this impact by avoiding forced blooms as well as transporting flowers by plane and refrigerated truck. A seasonal bouquet is not only a lovely attention for the recipient, but also a gift that makes sense because it is more respectful of nature.

What flowers are in season in autumn?

If you're wondering what flowers are in season right now, here's a non-comprehensive list of fall flowers:

- sunflowers in early fall
- asters
- roses (for some varieties)
- dahlias
- chrysanthemums
- grasses
- Japanese anemones
- autumn camellias
- echinaceas

If you are hesitating to offer chrysanthemums because you think that this flower is reserved for cemeteries, think again! There are different varieties that are much more cheerful and colorful than you might think, such as the florist's chrysanthemum and the pompom...

For an original touch, you can even incorporate decorative peppers into fall flower arrangements!

What flowers are in season in winter?

In winter, flowers are scarcer, but it is still possible to find seasonal bouquets featuring evergreens and winter fruiting bodies.

Typical winter flowers are hellebores and camellias starting in February.

For the holiday season, you can also enhance your bouquets and floral arrangements with the following seasonal species:

- anemones
- ranunculus
- amaryllis
- hyacinths
- primroses

To flesh out winter flower bouquets, we usually use grasses and branches from winter-blooming shrubs like mimosa, forsythia or winter jasmine.

And if you're looking for a seasonal potted plant in fall-winter, consider cyclamen! Cyclamen bloom from September through March and come in a variety of colors. Some varieties are even two-tone...

Can we find seasonal flowers at florists?

If you want to compose a bouquet from seasonal flowers, you can make a specific request to a florist.

To make sure you offer local flowers that didn't travel hundreds of miles before arriving in the vase, you can rely on the label Fleurs de France.

This label guarantees you that the flowers were produced on French territory. This way, you can be sure that you are offering more environmentally friendly flowers and supporting the tricolored horticulturists and nurserymen.

To learn more and find professionals committed to this approach near you, we invite you to visit the official website of the label Fleurs de France (link below).

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Marko Milivojevic on Pixnio
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