The Lavender Festival In Pays D'apt

It's lavender season! To celebrate the emblematic flower of Provence, the city of Apt at the foot of the Luberon organizes every summer the Lavender Festival in Pays d'Apt. On the program, games and animations that smell like lavender...

Presentation of the party

The Fête de la lavande en Pays d'Apt was launched in 2015 to celebrate lavender in all its forms.

This event was created at the initiative of distiller Raymond Agnel and has been a great success with visitors.

The idea is to discover the gourmet, household, cosmetic or decorative variations of the famous Purple flower.

Indeed, lavender is not only transformed into Essential oil but can be used in various ways.

To convince you of this, the festival offers culinary demonstrations and lavender-based pastry demonstrations! For the occasion, the restaurant owners of Apt also concoct a 'special lavender' menu.

Edition 2022

This new edition of the Lavender Festival in Pays d'Apt will be held on Sunday, July 10, 2022 in the old city center.

This festival organized by the association of merchants and craftsmen of Pays d'Apt mobilizes all the actors of production, trade, culture and tourism.

On the program:

  • Market of lavender and local

  • Exhibition of Producers lavender sector Place de la Bouquerie

  • Beautiful Brocante Street downtown and Place Carnot

  • Exhibition of old cars with Ecurie 1900-2000 Cours lauze de Perret

  • Provençal Playhouses Place St Pierre

  • Animation and musical atmosphere strolling Downtown Street

  • Golden Bouquets of Lavender Game to be found in the windows from July 5 to 10

  • Contest for the most beautiful window on the theme Lavender.

  • Games and animations for children Free at the Museum of Apt

  • Tasting at the restaurant owners around lavender.

  • Contest for the most beautiful antique car decorated with lavender.

Practical information

The Lavender Festival in Pays d'Apt will take place on Sunday, July 10, 2016.

84400 APT

Free shuttles all day from the parking lots to the old town center and the distillery.

from 8 a.m.

Free access

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