The Rugby World Cup In 5 Questions

The Rugby World Cup has been organized every four years since 1987. New Zealand hosted and won the very first edition of this competition. In the fall of 2023, it will be France's turn to be the host country of this prestigious event. Here is everything you need to know about this World Cup in 5 questions.

How often is the Rugby World Cup held?

The Rugby World Cup is an international rugby union competition that takes place every four years. It is organized in odd-numbered years, so as not to compete with the FIFA World Cup or the Olympic Games, which are held in even-numbered years.

2- What is the history of the Rugby World Cup?

The Rugby World Cup was created in 1987, following a decision made by the International Rugby Board (IRB) in March 1985, in Paris. Since that date, this competition has been open to all federations recognized by the IRB.

The first edition was jointly organized by Australia and New Zealand. Only sixteen teams participated. The cup was won by the national team of New Zealand, better known as the All Blacks.

Since then, this competition has always had official organizers in countries where rugby union is a popular sport:
• England (1991)
• South Africa (1995)
• Wales (1999)
• Australia (2003)
• France (2007)
• New Zealand (2011)
• England (2015)

In 2019, Japan became the first Asian country to host this event.

To date, only four nations have won the Cup:
• New Zealand and South Africa (who have won it three times)
• Australia (who have won it twice)
• England (who have won it once)

The presentation of this trophy by Nelson Mandela to the white captain of the South African team in 1995 was one of the most emotional moments in the history of rugby. For the occasion, President Nelson Mandela was wearing the South African jersey.

3- What is the trophy for the Rugby World Cup?

The trophy awarded to the winner of the Rugby World Cup is called the William Webb Ellis Cup. It was named in honor of the British man who is said to have invented rugby in 1823, although the origins of rugby are actually much older.

This cup is not permanently owned. It is only kept by the winner for four years, the time between two editions of the tournament.

4- When will the next Rugby World Cup take place?

Attention to all rugby lovers! The next Rugby World Cup will be held in France from Friday, September 8th to Saturday, October 28th, 2023.

A total of 48 matches will be organized in different cities across France, from Paris to Marseille, including Nice, Toulouse, and Bordeaux.

The Stade de France, located a few kilometers away from Paris and capable of hosting over 80,000 spectators, will be the venue for the tournament's highlight matches: the opening match, the semi-finals, and the final.

5- Which nations are in the running?

20 nations have qualified for the 2023 Rugby World Cup.

The favorites are, of course, South Africa - the defending champions - and New Zealand - the finalist of the last edition.

But other teams will do everything to upset the established order: France, the host country, and Ireland, on the rise, are serious contenders for the title of world champions...

England, Australia, and Wales also have a chance to lift the precious William Webb Ellis trophy on October 28th.

The other countries in the running are Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Namibia, Scotland, Romania, Georgia, Italy, Portugal, Japan, Fiji, Samoa, and Tonga, and they could create surprises against the competition favorites.

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