Un Flirt Et Une Danse : A Dancing Speed Dating On France 2

If you like the programs Danse avec les stars and L'Amour est dans le pré, you'll probably love the concept of Un flirt et une danse, the new program broadcast tonight in prime time on France 2. In this speed dating program, singles looking for love meet during a dance. Explanations.

An original dating show

Can we find our soul mate during a dance? This is in any case the experience that will try the participants of the new speed dating show of France 2, to discover from tonight Monday, February 15 at 21h10.

This speed dating show is produced by Arthur's production company. It is the adaptation of the British concept Flirty Dancing, launched in 2019 and which already has two seasons across the Channel.

As its title suggests, the show A Flirt and Dance offers singles who have never met before to share a dance. In the age of virtual dating, which is always a bit impersonal, this show aims to inject some magic into the search for true love.

This new concept may seem a bit strange, but the show keeps a benevolent and positive tone.

It is Faustine Bollaert, used to emotional sequences in the show a commence aujourd'hui broadcast daily on France 2, who was chosen to host this program full of good feelings.

A well-chosen cast

The participants of this new show are single people aged 23 to 80. One of the strong points of Un flirt et une danse lies, moreover, in its casting, which brings together very different profiles that viewers can identify with.

In particular, there are thirty-year-olds disappointed by dating applications, people hurt by life or a touching septuagenarian who summarizes in a few words the reason for this new show: 'It is impossible to live without love'.

In this moving program, everyone hopes to meet a man or a woman simply by sharing a dance, without speaking to each other and without even knowing their respective first names...

A benevolent jury

In the show Un flirt et une danse, Faustine Bollaert is accompanied by a jury.

The first meeting between the pretenders to love takes place on the dance floor and under the benevolent gaze of three personalities.

The jury, which will be the privileged witness of this magical moment, is composed of three personalities well known to the French: the singers Sheila and Élodie Frégé and the actor Agustin Galiana.

In this program where the dance performance is not scored, the role of the jury will be to deliver its impressions on the decision of the singles.

Indeed, at the end of the dance, the candidates will say if they want to see their partner again after the show, during a dinner captured by the cameras of France 2.

Lightning strikes and missteps

Of course, this first meeting on the dance floor was prepared before the show. The candidates of A Flirt and a Dance were questioned in turn by the production about the profile of their ideal partner.

They also rehearsed, each on their own, for hours a ballroom dance choreography with professional dancers to be ready for the big night.

Overwhelmed by stress but full of hope, they are eagerly awaiting this first meeting that may allow them to find love on the dance floor.

Cupid might just get them an arrow on the set, since this experience allows them to meet 'in real life'. When we dance together, we touch each other and it is possible that something happens. Agustin Galiana who won the season 8 of Dancing with the Stars on TF1 knows it well!

The chemistry will not necessarily be there and some duos will not continue the adventure ... But for others, the magic of the first meeting and the first glance exchanged will operate.

This program, resolutely positive, is more addictive than it seems. So, this first evening placed under the sign of the meeting, the dance and the emotion could give you desire to discover the other episodes... They will be diffused every Tuesday in prime time on France 2.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: FTV
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