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Roland Garros: Test Your Knowledge of the Tournament

ral hours, ending with very high scores. In which year did Yannick Noah win Roland Garros? Yannick Noah is the last French player to have won the men's singles at the Roland Garros tournament in 1983. Henri Leconte was a finalist in the men's singles in 1988 and both players won the men's doubles i ...


Badminton: 5 Unusual Facts About This Sport

In competition, badminton is always played indoors. Badminton is a racket sport that can be played in singles or doubles, like tennis. However, unlike most racket sports, the projectile used is not a ball. Players hit a shuttlecock with unique aerodynamic properties back and forth. As the shuttlec ...


Un flirt et une danse : a dancing speed dating on France 2

pt Flirty Dancing, launched in 2019 and which already has two seasons across the Channel. As its title suggests, the show A Flirt and Dance offers singles who have never met before to share a dance. In the age of virtual dating, which is always a bit impersonal, this show aims to inject some magi ...


Tennis: Who is Suzanne Lenglen in 5 Questions

She achieved a streak of 181 consecutive victories and boasts an incredible winning percentage of 98%. Between 1919 and 1926, she lost only once in singles. And even then, she had to forfeit due to illness… During this golden age, the one known as the Divine won the Wimbledon tournament 6 times ...


Galentine's Day or how to celebrate Valentine's Day with girlfriends

lidarity among women. This celebration of friendship is designed to be fun above all and to free oneself from the social pressure to be in a relationship. For singles who dread February 14th, this holiday is a nice snub to the clichés of traditional Valentine's Day. The goal is to have a relaxing ...


Foodie Love: a romantic series on Arte

A series full of greed As the title suggests, the Spanish Tv series Foodie Love offers a tasty mix of romance and food. Beware, if you've made a good resolution to go on a diet at the beginning of the year, this drama might make you hungry! In Barcelona, two thirty-somethings meet around their c ...


Love 2.0: what are the dating trends in 2022?

this trend allows you to think about what you really want in a relationship before meeting 'face-to-face'. Another form of slow dating is meeting singles in a more natural and friendly context than a mobile app, such as during an event like an Aperitif or a cooking workshop specifically organize ...


Dating site: 5 tips for creating your profile

1- Choose your photos well To make other singles want to contact you, you need to write an attention-grabbing bio, but also and most importantly be sure to choose the photos of you that you will post. According to a study conducted by the dating site OKCupid in 2014, photos are more important th ...


My mother, your father, love and me: an intergenerational reality TV show on TF1.

ir forties and fifties have agreed to participate in this program in the hopes of finding love again, after sometimes complicated romantic pasts. Eight singles in a dream villa in the south of France, filmed by around fifty cameras and aided by experts to find love again, it sounds like your typica ...


Pickleball: The New Trendy Racket Sport

ket game that shares some common characteristics with tennis. In fact, it is sometimes called light tennis in French... Like tennis, it is played in singles or doubles. Opponents stand on either side of a net and hit the ball back and forth using a racket until one of them makes a fault. However, ...