Dating Site: 5 Tips For Creating Your Profile

Creating an online profile on an application or a dating site is not an easy exercise. It's an activity governed by precise rules, with some dos and don'ts! To help you succeed in this not so easy self-promotion campaign, here are 5 tips to create your profile on dating sites.

1- Choose your photos well

To make other singles want to contact you, you need to write an attention-grabbing bio, but also and most importantly be sure to choose the photos of you that you will post.

According to a study conducted by the dating site OKCupid in 2014, photos are more important than text on this type of online profile. Therefore, it is essential to select attractive photos.

The first tip for creating your profile on a dating app or site is therefore to choose several photos:
- recent
- that make you look good
- that represent you alone or with your friends.

Note that it is preferable to add several photos rather than just one and to choose some on which you are part of a group. This is because showing up with a group of friends helps to make a positive first impression.

Caution: don't give in to the temptation to post an old photo that you like. Your self-portrait should be true to who you are now.

Through the photos you choose, you should give a true picture of your physical appearance but also of your daily life, the activities you love and would like to share with someone.

2- Dare to talk about yourself

Creating a profile on a dating application or website is never easy. It is a delicate process, which is particularly complicated for shy people.

Indeed, this type of site or application asks you to introduce yourself through a bio and/or a catchphrase. Do not skip this section because it is very important to complete your bio to increase your chances of finding your soulmate.

Specifically state what your interests are and don't be embarrassed to talk about yourself, as long as you say true things that fit your personality well.

Even if you find this exercise intimidating or immodest, take care of the content of your bio as it will help you stand out from other users.

Note:if you're really too shy to talk about yourself online, ask someone who knows you well to fill out your profile for you. This dating trend in 2022 is called outsourcing.

3- Be authentic

When we decide to create our profile on a dating site or a dating application, we are sometimes tempted to embellish things. We tell ourselves that it's better to use an Instagram filter for our portrait or to take a selfie from an advantageous angle to hide what we don't like about ourselves...

But in fact the winning strategy is rather to do the opposite, because the most important thing in a profile is to be authentic, with its qualities and... its imperfections!

The purpose of this profile is to highlight what you love in life and what makes you who you are.

To note: you can, for example, use a Prévert list to list everything you love in a jumble, without this list necessarily being logical or exhaustive. Besides, you don't have to say everything! Choose what you want to reveal about yourself, as long as it is always true.

Beware: since we're talking about truth, be honest about information such as your age and occupation. This allows other users of the site to determine if you are compatible.

4- Think positive

To be attractive, your profile on a dating site must also be positive. Focus on the positive traits and details of your personality.

Highlight your favorite hobbies: they will be potential commonalities and topics of conversation with the people you'll meet.

Also, in order not to exclude some suitors too quickly, it is better when you create your profile on a dating site to specify what you want rather than what you don't want.

Strive to define what you are looking for, not what you want to avoid. This will make it easier for you to find people who share the same values and desires as you. It will then be easier for you to start the conversation by talking about your commonalities.

Beware: defining your aspirations and desires in the negative (by specifying, for example, that you don't like dark-haired girls or brown-eyed boys) may cause you to miss out on interesting people! Don't reject them out of hand!

Also make sure you are concise, because on dating apps, descriptions that are too long are not read in full by users.

5- Add a touch of humor

Of course, it's not easy to be funny on command, but you have to make a little effort in this sense when you create a profile on a dating site.

Humor hits home with both men and women. Everyone likes funny profiles and it's probably the best way to stand out.

Someone who manages to be funny on their profile makes other users want to meet them, even if their looks might not be the most advantageous. It's not necessarily the best looking or most confident people who inspire the desire to meet.

In short, don't take yourself too seriously and you'll be more likely to attract women or men who share your sense of humor!

Last little tip: after Writing a first draft of your profile, save it and leave the page. It's best to come back to it a few days later to correct any mistakes and delete certain parts. This also allows you to ask a friend or family member for advice on how to improve your profile before you put it online.

Author: Audrey
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