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Dating site: 5 tips for creating your profile

rofile on a dating site or a dating application, we are sometimes tempted to embellish things. We tell ourselves that it's better to use an Instagram filter for our portrait or to take a selfie from an advantageous angle to hide what we don't like about ourselves... But in fact the winning strate ...


Hobbies : create a paludarium in 5 questions

create your aqua terrarium from scratch, thanks to a little DIY. In this case, you will need the following equipment: - a tank - a pump to filter the water - epoxy resin to create the decoration - hydraulic mortar to ensure the impermeability of the structure - peat moss ...


Koridashi : The Japanese cold brewed iced tea

cause the flavor is milder and hides any astringency the tea might have. Add your ice: The first step is to add ice to your carafe. You should use filtered water-based ice for best results. Measure your tea leaves: You should use the same amount of tea leaves for the koridashi as you use to br ...


Save on fuel: think about car maintenance!

ever for saving fuel concerns auto maintenance. In fact, a poorly maintained vehicle can show overconsumption of fuel of up to 25%. Watch the air filter If you want to ensure proper engine maintenance to save fuel, the first mechanical component to watch is the air filter. A dirty air filter ...


Be Real: the anti Instagram created by French people

d with Instagram and its influencers who are very different in front of the lens and off camera. The motto of the app is clear: 'YOUR REAL LIFE: no filters, no likes, no followers, no ads, just your friends for real'. To achieve this degree of authenticity, the application has a somewhat peculiar ...


Telephone solicitation: 06 and 07 numbers soon to be banned

that should simplify the life of consumers harassed by commercial telephone solicitation (unsolicited calls or SMS). If you are no longer able to filter these unwanted calls, you should know that from January 1, 2023, this filtering will be easier. Indeed, the calling platforms will no longer ...


Hot Ones: a very spicy talk show

not just for sadism. As in the bloopers, we always have a little fun seeing others suffer... But above all, we enjoy discovering the guests without a filter. Even if some personalities like Marina Foïs seem to handle the spice better than others, all the guests reveal themselves despite themselv ...