Koridashi : The Japanese Cold Brewed Iced Tea

Summer is coming and with it its high temperatures, and this year it looks particularly hot. You will certainly look for ways to cool down. And among the most refreshing drinks, iced tea is one of the most appreciated around the world. But do you know Koridashi? This Japanese cold brewed iced tea is an explosion of flavor and freshness. After reading this article, it will quickly become your favorite summer drink.

What is Koridashi ?

Koridashi is a unique method of brewing tea originating in Japan. Also known as shinobicha, koridashi involves brewing tea leaves with ice cubes.
As the ice melts, the tea leaves infuse the water with flavor. Teas brewed using the koridashi method are often described as being more sweet and mellow. This slow, meditative brewing process results in a tea that accentuates the Umami notes present in the tea and minimizes any bitterness or astringency.

Koridashi is a refreshing way to brew iced teas in hot weather. Since ice can take some time to melt, it is also a way to slow down, relax and enjoy the experience of making a cup of tea.

The Koridashi : Step by step recipe

Brewing tea using the koridashi method is very similar to brewing tea cold, except you use ice instead of cold water. You will need loose tea leaves, ice cubes, and a carafe to brew the tea. Of course, good quality tea gives excellent results. But iced brewing is also a good way to use older tea or tea you didn't like: drinking it cold is much more enjoyable because the flavor is milder and hides any astringency the tea might have.

Add your ice: The first step is to add ice to your carafe. You should use filtered water-based ice for best results.

Measure your tea leaves: You should use the same amount of tea leaves for the koridashi as you use to brew a regular cup of tea. In general, it is recommended to use one teaspoon of tea leaves for every 150g of ice. Some green teas and depending on your taste, you can use up to one tablespoon of tea leaves for an intense flavor.

Wait for ice to melt: Waiting for the ice to melt is at the heart of the koridashi brewing method. Although it may take some time for the ice to melt completely, this gradual melting process is what gives koridashi tea its unique flavor.

Filter your tea: You can drink your tea directly from the carafe you brewed it in, but we recommend filtering the brew into a separate cup before enjoying it.

Last but not least... enjoy the moment!

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In French: Koridashi : Le thé glacé infusé à froid japonais
En español: Koridashi: té helado japonés elaborado en frío
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