My Mother, Your Father, Love And Me: An Intergenerational Reality Tv Show On Tf1.

Starting tonight, Thursday August 3rd, TF1 is launching a new reality TV show with an unprecedented concept. In "My Mother, Your Father, Love and Me", it will be about family, romantic encounters, and more if there's a connection! Here are three things to know about this program that might surprise you.

This is a concept never seen before in France.

"My Mother, Your Father, Love, and Me" is an unprecedented reality TV show inspired by an Australian concept. France is the third country to broadcast this program after Australia and the United States.

This dating show, presented by Hélène Mannarino, is bound to create a buzz! It must be said that its concept is surprising, even disturbing, as it involves both contestants in their forties and their adult children.

The idea might be shocking, but the production promises us a benevolent reality TV show that combines deception, humor, and emotions, somewhat in the style of Surprise sur prise and Mon incroyable fiancé...

2- It's a dating show for people in their forties and fifties.

In "My Mother, Your Father, Love, and Me," four single mothers and four single fathers will live together in a villa in Provence to get to know each other. These men and women in their forties and fifties have agreed to participate in this program in the hopes of finding love again, after sometimes complicated romantic pasts.

Eight singles in a dream villa in the south of France, filmed by around fifty cameras and aided by experts to find love again, it sounds like your typical reality TV show.

The participants were signed up for the show by their adult children and believe they will be helped by love experts. Except that these experts are actually... their own children!

3- The children of the candidates play a crucial role in the show.

The participants of "Ma mère, ton père, l'amour et moi" are aged from 38 to 56 and have come to write a new chapter in their love life. What they don't know is that their children are settled nearby, in a neighboring villa, to comment on and analyze their every move in the house.

Some sequences promise to be comical as the offspring will be able to follow the progress of the stay and not miss any of their parents' romantic adventures!

But most importantly, it is the children who will decide the activities and connections between the candidates. The 8 parents, who know nothing about the secret mechanics of the program, are far from suspecting that their offspring are secretly guiding them and organizing their appointments!

If the idea of children spying on their parents in their attempts at seduction bothers you, know that the production has taken care not to fall into unhealthy voyeurism. They have allowed an hour's delay between filming and the broadcast of the images to the children in order to "filter" the scenes that would be shown to them. There will be nothing more shocking in these images than a few exchanged kisses.

Will the eight candidates looking for a new love make the right choices in the eyes of their children? To find out, you will have to follow the adventures of the two generations on Thursday evenings at 9:10 pm on TF1.

At the end of this program, the parents will discover the truth. There will be a debrief, the children will meet the ideal partner for their father or mother, and we will find out if the candidates want to continue the adventure after the show... or not.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: TF1
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In French: Ma mère, ton père, l'amour et moi : une télé-réalité intergénérationnelle sur TF1
En español: Mi madre, tu padre, el amor y yo: un reality show intergeneracional en TF1
In italiano: Mia madre, tuo padre, l'amore e io: un reality show intergenerazionale su TF1.
Auf Deutsch: Meine Mutter, dein Vater, die Liebe und ich: Eine generationsübergreifende Reality-TV-Show auf TF1.
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