Tv: Masterchef Returns To France 2

Masterchef, the great amateur cooking competition that was a hit on the French TV channel La Une in the 2010s, is back on TV from August 23. This program is back for the greatest joy of cooking enthusiasts and will be broadcast on Tuesday evenings on France 2.

A tempting appointment on France 2

If you were a die-hard fan of the show Masterchef in the 2010s, you'll be thrilled to know that your favorite culinary competition is coming back to television.

However, be careful not to get the wrong channel! This program, which was launched in 2010 on TF1 before being deprogrammed five years later due to lack of audience, is going to return on a public service channel.

The amateur cooks and the jury of professionals in charge of deciding between them will meet on France 2 starting Tuesday, August 23 at 9:10 pm.

A new host and a new jury

The famous culinary competition will now be hosted by Agathe Lecaron. The jury in charge of evaluating the candidates' achievements will also be composed of new faces.

Only the chef Yves Camdeborde who was a historical jury of the show on TF1 is back on duty for this new season on France 2.

He will be accompanied by the chef Thierry Marx who has already officiated on television as a juror in Top Chef on M6 and by Georgiana Viou who was a finalist in the very first season of the famous cooking competition.

A demanding and exciting competition

As in the past, the Masterchef show will see amateur candidates compete for the chance to win the competition and the sum of 100,000 €. These talented cooks come from all over France and two of them even arrive from Belgium.

The level of the contest being as demanding as ever, these cooking enthusiasts will have to outdo themselves in various and varied culinary tests.

They will be eighteen to enter the kitchen during the first show. But at the end of this evening, only the best nine will be qualified to continue the adventure.

The competition promises to be full of twists and turns before one of them wins the title of Best Amateur Chef in France and the sum of €100,000.

Guests expected every week

In addition to the prestigious jury, the 2022 edition will see the participation of great names in gastronomy. Guests are expected every Tuesday evening on France 2 to advise the contestants and challenge them.

Indeed, chefs such as Frédéric Anton, Christian Constant, Pierre Augé, Simone Zanoni, Mory Sacko and Christophe Michalak will come every week to challenge the budding cooks.

The return of Masterchef is a risky bet for France 2. During its last season on NT1, the contest had ended in general indifference.

Let's hope that the 2022 vintage will be better and will be able to rekindle both the flame of the ovens and the enthusiasm of the viewers, despite the competition of Mask singer on Tuesday night on TF1.

Author: Audrey
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