The Lost Symbol: A Series Adapted From Dan Brown On M6

Attention fans of The Da Vinci Code and other Dan Brown novels! This summer, M6 is broadcasting the TV adaptation of the novel The Lost Symbol. Here are 3 things to know about this new adventure series where Robert Langdon must solve an old enigma linked to Freemasonry.

1- It is a prequel to The Da Vinci Code

In the series The Lost Symbol, fans of The Da Vinci Code will be delighted to see the character of Robert Langdon again.

The adventures recounted in this 10-episode TV series are indeed a prequel to The Da Vinci Code. Robert Langdon is a young professor of symbology and religious iconography at Harvard.

Believing he has been invited by his mentor, Peter Solomon, to speak at an academic conference, he travels to Washington. Once there, he discovers that his mentor has in fact been kidnapped by the man who contacted him.

2- We find the mystical universe of Dan Brown

Dan Brown fans will be delighted to discover this summer this new adaptation of a work by their favorite author. This new free-to-air TV series was previewed on Salto in February 2022.

The Lost Symbol is one of the few Dan Brown novels not to have been adapted for the big screen, unlike The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons or Inferno directed for the big screen by Ron Howard with Tom Hanks in the lead role.

In this prequel, Dan Brown's hero has been rejuvenated and he is played by the Australian actor Ashley Zukerman. If his face rings a bell, you have probably seen this 38-year-old actor in Succession on OCS or Designated Survivor on Netflix.

Despite the differences with the novel, fans of the genre will be pleased to find all the spellbinding mystical universe specific to this writer. The plot, which takes place in Washington, D.C., concerns the history and mythology around Freemasonry and Robert Langdon must, once again, solve a centuries-old riddle.

3- The scenario is well put together

Like the Dan Brown novel it's adapted from, The Lost Symbol series offers a meaty, well-crafted script.

To save the life of his friend and mentor Peter Solomon, Robert Langdon must solve a riddle. He will have to find the Masonic pyramid hidden somewhere in the city of Washington DC and which would be a portal to mystical knowledge.

In his quest, he will be able to count on the help of Katherine Solomon, Peter's daughter, and a Capitol Police officer named Alfonso Nunez.

Despite the many twists and turns of the scenario, which sees these heroes hunted by the CIA in the heart of the American capital, the whole lacks pace and dynamism. The race against the clock, which is concentrated in 12 hours in the novel, takes place here over several days.

Other aspects of the original work have been modified to feed the 10 episodes of season 1 and in the end the result is a bit flat. These flaws are probably why this TV series was not renewed for a season 2.

But rest assured! Even if this adventure will not have a sequel, season 1 covers the entire plot of the book. The viewers will not remain hungry after this unique season.

Fans will have to be content with enjoying the 10 episodes of season 1, airing every Saturday at 9:10pm on M6 starting Saturday, August 13.

Author: Audrey
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