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Visit Los Angeles: the main monuments and museums

ents and sites to visit The main tourist attractions in Los Angeles are theme parks such as Disneyland or Universal Studios Hollywood. The city of angels, surmounted by the famous Hollywood sign, is also a movie lover's paradise: don't miss Walking the Hollywood Boulevard in search of your favori ...


Valentine's Day in Nice: 5 places to visit with your partner

name, there is no longer a castle to admire on top of this hill. But this place is still a must-see for enjoying an extraordinary view of the Bay of Angels. Whether you choose to go up by elevator or to climb the Colline du Château on foot by the stairs, the wow effect is guaranteed upon arriva ...


Bean collecting or fabophily: definition and history

epresentative of their time of manufacture. In the 20th century, the world of cartoons succeeded religious themes (such as nativity scenes, Jesus, angels, doves) and lucky charms. In addition, some bakers and brands make their own personalized beans, often drawn in limited numbers and therefor ...


Nice Regatta - Pasqui Trophy: traditional boats and sailboats in Nice and Villefranche

ipwrights. Since 2013, it has merged with the Nice regatta to create a single major event. For the occasion, traditional sailboats call at the Bay of Angels and in the roadstead of Villefranche-sur-Mer to the delight of boat and water sport lovers. This nautical race, which is also a great cel ...


The Lost Symbol: a series adapted from Dan Brown on M6

Salto in February 2022. The Lost Symbol is one of the few Dan Brown novels not to have been adapted for the big screen, unlike The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons or Inferno directed for the big screen by Ron Howard with Tom Hanks in the lead role. In this prequel, Dan Brown's hero has been ...


The dierama or angel's fishing rod: a plant full of poetry.

eeze. This characteristic has earned it the lovely nickname of angel's fishing rod! Its summer blooming offers all shades of pink. The fishing rod of angels blooms in summer and offers a spectacle of great poetry. Its inflorescences, arched like fishing rods, bend under the weight of delicate bell-s ...