The Great Saga Of The Tour De France: Relive The Emotion Of The Grande Boucle On France 2

On Tuesday, June 28, France 2 will broadcast in prime time La grande saga du Tour de France. Whether or not you're a cycling fan, don't miss this exceptional documentary that will plunge you into the heart of the world's most watched annual sporting event.

A great start

The 2022 Tour de France will set off from Copenhagen in Denmark on July 1. On the eve of the start of this 109th edition, France 2 will broadcast, on Tuesday, June 28 at 9:10 pm, an exceptional documentary on the world's greatest cycling race.

The Tour is much more than just a bike race and the public channel will bear witness to this throughout this special evening, entitled La grande saga du Tour de France and presented by Leïla Kaddour and Laurent Ruquier.

In the image of this race that federates all generations and all social classes, this documentary directed by Tristan Carné hopes to attract a wide range of viewers in front of their small screens.

An exceptional retrospective

This evening, built around cult or rare archive footage, promises to delight all Tour fans. But of course, The Great Saga of the Tour de France is not just for cycling and sporting events fans.

Between sporting feats, tragedies, emotions of all kinds and images of our country, this retrospective has something to interest the whole family.

From the legendary Tour caravan to the broom wagon, from accidents to resounding scandals like the Festina affair, this annual event leaves no one indifferent.

Enter the very heart of this immense event that is the Grande Boucle and rediscover its thrilling history, written over the decades by great champions and riders in the shadows.

A panorama of the Tour in nine themes

Every summer, the Tour de France is THE event to watch in the world of sports and beyond.

To offer an evening worthy of this mythical cycling race, La grande saga du Tour de France paints a panorama of this event through 9 themes :
- A celebration for all
- The legend of the yellow jersey
- France, a unique heritage
- Poulidor, a French myth
- A fight against the elements
- Visitors to the Tour
- The mountain of the unpredictable
- The scandals of the Tour
- The Tour for women

This great retrospective in images thus promises to be very complete. It aims to trace the history of this legendary cycling race, to which the French are particularly attached.

An exciting human adventure

More than a simple competition, the Tour de France is a sporting and human adventure that offers every year twists and turns and a suspense worthy of the best fiction.

This event, which arouses unparalleled fervor, is also an opportunity for television crews to cross the various regions of France. The faithful public in front of their TV can thus admire our country seen from the cow floor and seen from the sky thanks to the aerial images of the Tour.

A few days before the launch of the 109th Tour de France, La grande saga du Tour de France invites you to relive the highlights of the Grande boucle.

Whether you're a Tour fan or a novice, don't miss this opportunity to learn more about this event that has thrilled spectators for over 120 years!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: France Télévisions
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