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The great saga of the Tour de France: relive the emotion of the Grande Boucle on France 2

. The Tour is much more than just a bike race and the public channel will bear witness to this throughout this special evening, entitled La grande saga du Tour de France and presented by Leïla Kaddour and Laurent Ruquier. In the image of this race that federates all generations and all social ...


The Jacobite Steam Train: board the Harry Potter train!

indeed the one that the Hogwarts Express takes to reach the wizarding school. That's why many of the Jacobite's passengers are primarily fans of the saga. To complete this magical tour, the locomotive used in the filming is also on display in Mallaig during the summer months. Glenfinnan Viaduc ...


Blood and Treasure : what is the value of the NRJ12 adventure series ?

A contemporary treasure hunt The new series that arrives tonight on NRJ12 will undoubtedly remind you of the Indiana Jones saga or the Benjamin Gates and The Mummy movies. The creators of Blood and Treasure, Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia, do not hide that they were directly inspired by thes ...


Carnival Row: 5 things to know about the hit series on Amazon Prime Video

stic creatures that populate this world, the production called on Nick Dudman, a special effects and makeup specialist who worked on the Harry Potter saga and was nominated for an Oscar in 2012. 2- It is carried by a charming duo Another major asset of the series lies in its casting, starting wi ...


Top Gun 1 and 2: the 7 differences between the two films

and testifies to the evolution of mentalities, even though the U.S. Navy has been recruiting women pilots since... 1974! 6- New aircraft In this saga where planes are also the heroes of the movies, it should be noted that the pilots of Top Gun 2 do not fly with the same machines anymore. The ...


Games: Lego introduces children to robotics

The Lego kit Star Wars edition is a good alternative for kids and adults from 8 years old. It allows you to build the famous R2-D2 from the Star Wars saga but also a Gonk droid or a mouse droid. It comes with an application that allows you to control these robots remotely using a smartphone or table ...