Hogwarts Mystery: The Harry Potter Mobile Game Will Continue After The 7th Year.

Hogwarts Mystery, the mobile game inspired by the Harry Potter universe, was of course highly anticipated by fans of the saga. This game, released on April 25, 2018, promised players the opportunity to write their own story as a student at Hogwarts. For those who have embraced this mobile game and have reached their final year of schooling at Hogwarts, the adventure will not stop there! An extension, announced for July 2023, will allow players to experience young adult life in the wizarding world.

1- It will propel you into the world of Hogwarts.

The game Hogwarts Mystery starts with the reception of your letter from Hogwarts.

If you have always dreamed of attending the famous school of witchcraft and wizardry, all you have to do is create your avatar and buy your School Supplies on Diagon Alley!

This first step of the game (where you will meet wand maker Ollivander) is quite nice because it immediately immerses you in the universe of the Harry Potter saga with sets that look a lot like those in the movies.

Once you arrive at Hogwarts, you will take part in the sorting ceremony where the Sorting Hat will decide your house (even though in reality the player is free to choose their house at this stage of the game).

As a first-year student, you will also have to attend flying, spell, and potion classes to progress through the game's chapters.

Throughout the lessons, you will learn to cast spells by tracing a movement on your screen and concoct potions that can be useful to you (especially during duels).

2- The graphics are very well done.

From a graphics and game design perspective, it can be said that the magic works because Hogwarts Mystery is as beautiful as the film sets. The main characters (especially Professors McGonagall, Snape, Flitwick, and Hagrid...) resemble the actors in a cartoon style. And you can even bump into Miss Norris, Nearly Headless Nick, and Peeves in the castle corridors! It's a real pleasure at the beginning of the game to wander around Hogwarts and discover different floors of the castle (the east tower, the west tower, the lower west floor, the dungeons), as well as the park where Madam Hooch teaches flying lessons.

3- You will make friends.

Another point to highlight: just like Harry Potter in the first book of the saga, you will quickly make friends (and an enemy) among the students of Hogwarts.

Thus, you will meet Rowan on Diagon Alley, who will be your best friend no matter what.

In Hogwarts Mystery, Rowan is necessarily the same gender as your avatar and he or she will follow you in all your adventures.

Later on, you will make friendships with other characters but you will have to wait a little bit for that...

On the other hand, you will quickly meet your rival Merula, a first-year Slytherin who has proclaimed herself the best witch in the school.

4- The plot is a bit thin.

It should be noted that the plot of Hogwarts Mystery takes place before the events of the Harry Potter saga. He-who-must-not-be-named has just been defeated and Harry is still a baby...

By the time you enter your first year at Hogwarts, you already have a bad reputation because of your brother Jacob: he was expelled from Hogwarts after opening mysterious cursed vaults and has been missing since.

In addition to your classes, you would like to find your missing brother and you must face the animosity of Merula.

5- The progress of the game is very frustrating.

Even though Hogwarts Mystery has many positive aspects (especially the beauty of its graphics), it must be emphasized that the game's biggest flaw is its nonexistent gameplay.

The game dictates everything you have to do (which amounts to very little) and leaves you with almost no freedom.

Most actions (such as attending classes) require energy that you possess in very limited quantities...

As a result, you quickly run out of energy and get stuck unless you agree to buy energy with your real money!

Since the game imposes a limited duration for completing your classes (1 hour, 3 hours, or 8 hours), you are forced to leave the game while your energy gauge recharges and remember to come back before the time runs out. It's quite complicated and rather annoying...

All players who have tried this mobile game have noted several negative points:
=> Energy that runs out very quickly and prevents progress in the game
=> The inability to explore the school freely: movements are limited, and you must reach the next levels to access more places in Hogwarts
=> The absence of mini-games or side quests that would allow you to wait while the energy gauge recharges.

In short, in "Hogwarts Mystery," you are not in an open world where you can choose the order of quests and move freely. You often have to wait before completing your lessons or quests, and all of this ultimately creates a great sense of frustration.

Author: Audrey
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In French: Hogwarts Mystery : le jeu mobile Harry Potter va se poursuivre après la 7e année
En español: Hogwarts Mystery: el juego móvil de Harry Potter continuará después del séptimo año.
In italiano: Hogwarts Mystery: il gioco mobile di Harry Potter continuerà dopo il settimo anno.
Auf Deutsch: Hogwarts Mystery: Das Harry-Potter-Mobile-Spiel wird nach dem 7. Jahr fortgesetzt.
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