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Land art : the artist Saype repaints the Ballon d'Alsace

situ. This allows him to keep the memory of his ephemeral creations. Indeed, the artist always remains faithful to the same principle: he leaves no trace of his passage in the landscapes where he makes his works. He says: 'I allow myself to make a huge fresco to mark the collective memory, wi ...


Christmas DIY: how to make an advent calendar?

rt. Choose the placement of the nails according to the size of the bags (about 4cm by 6cm) and drive the nails into the support. Above each nail, trace with a felt pen and in disorder the numbers from 1 to 24. To embellish your design, you can use silver or gold colored markers. 3- The next s ...


The main installations to entrust to a professional plumber

plan of the room. Then, he will locate the water inlets and outlets in order to define the position of the sanitary facilities. After that, he will trace the route of the networks to calculate the length of the pipes necessary for the Brussels plumbing installation and he will quantify the number ...


Cartier and the Arts of Islam: a dazzling exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris

inspired by pieces brought back from the Orient. This scientific research work was made possible thanks to the archives of the House of Cartier, which trace the jeweler's creations over 170 years... In the end, the exhibition 'Cartier and the Arts of Islam' does not simply juxtapose the jewel ...


The House of Alexandra David-Neel: a visit with a difference in Digne

ce of reflection), has recently been restored. Visitors can therefore visit the villa where the writer resided, its gardens but also a museum that traces her life, her commitments and her travels. This tireless traveler was the first European woman to enter the Forbidden City of Lhasa, in Tibe ...


The great saga of the Tour de France: relive the emotion of the Grande Boucle on France 2

edictable - The scandals of the Tour - The Tour for women This great retrospective in images thus promises to be very complete. It aims to trace the history of this legendary cycling race, to which the French are particularly attached. An exciting human adventure More than a simple ...


Astronomy: the Gaia satellite revolutionizes our vision of the Milky Way

phy of our galaxy Gaia is the name of the European satellite put into orbit in 2013 by the European Space Agency, or ESA, to map our galaxy in 3D and trace its 13-billion-year-old history. To do this, this satellite has positioned itself in the famous second Lagrange point L2, located 1.5 million ...