The Kamado: A Japanese Ceramic Barbecue.

After the plancha and the brasero, the new trendy cooking appliance is the kamado! While grilling season is in full swing, why not try this funny Japanese barbecue that looks like a big ceramic egg? We will explain to you why and how to use a kamado.

What is a kamado?

The kamado is a Japanese cooking appliance that distinguishes itself from our Western barbecues by its ovoid shape and material. It is indeed a large egg usually made of thick ceramic, although there are also models made of stainless steel.

This device, equipped with a hinged lid, allows for grilling, smoking, and roasting food. In fact, the word "kamado" means both grill and oven in Japanese.

Cooking inside this peculiar egg is much more uniform and precise than on a traditional barbecue. Since this appliance is closed, it allows for various types of cooking, including those of a traditional oven.

This multi-purpose cooking appliance has very precise temperature control. Its shape allows for optimal air circulation, like in a convection oven, and its thick ceramic design efficiently retains heat for long hours.

How does a kamado work?

The Japanese kamado is powered by charcoal like a regular barbecue. However, its shape and material allow for a reduction in the amount of charcoal needed by concentrating the heat and ensuring a slow and even combustion of the charcoal.

The thickness of the ceramic prevents heat loss. But don't worry: your summer grilling won't be dry, as this funny egg-shaped device also has the advantage of preserving the juices and flavors inside the food.

Using this device is very simple as you just need to place the food:
• either directly on the cooking grates located inside the egg
• or on plates that protect the food from the flames.

This funny Japanese barbecue has ventilation openings at the top and bottom that allow for airflow regulation and temperature modulation inside the egg.

How much does a kamado cost?

An authentic high-quality Japanese kamado represents an investment of several hundred euros. Prices range from approximately €400 to over €3000, depending on the size and complexity of the models.

In return, this appliance has a long lifespan because its quality materials (ceramic, enameled cast iron, and stainless steel) are designed to withstand the test of time and weather conditions.

If you are a fan of outdoor cooking, you can quickly make this purchase worthwhile as this Japanese cooking appliance is more versatile than a traditional barbecue. When using all its functions, it is equivalent to owning a barbecue, a smoker, and a rotisserie. By adding certain accessories, it is even possible to cook pizzas and cakes and use it as a griddle!

If you are wondering which kamado to choose, remember that the main criteria to consider are:
- The size of the appliance and the diameter of the grill
- The quality of the materials, especially the quality of the ceramic
- The included accessories such as the heat deflector and side shelves.

What are the advantages of cooking with a kamado?

Compared to a traditional barbecue, the Japanese kamado has multiple advantages:

• it consumes very little charcoal (3 times less than a regular barbecue)
• it does not emit smoke, except for a few minutes during ignition
• it is easy to use
• it is versatile for grilling, roasting, smoking, and cooking at high or low temperatures
• it is safer than a barbecue as you just need to close its two air vents to extinguish it.
• it is easy to maintain
• it is weather-resistant and can be left outside all year round.

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: kamado ceramic grill
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In French: Le kamado : un barbecue japonais en céramique
En español: El kamado: una barbacoa japonesa de cerámica.
In italiano: Il kamado: un barbecue giapponese in ceramica
Auf Deutsch: Der Kamado: ein japanischer Keramikgrill
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