Health: What Are The 3 Free Prevention Consultations?

The Ministry of Health, which wishes to promote preventive medicine, has announced the forthcoming introduction of 3 free preventive consultations. These medical visits will be offered to all French people at the age of 25, 45 and 65.

What is this preventive health measure?

The implementation of 3 free prevention consultations was a promise of candidate Emmanuel Macron during the last presidential elections.

These medical appointments, organized by the Health Insurance, will allow all French people to consult doctors and health professionals at three key ages of life: 25 years, 45 years and 65 years.

These three ages were not chosen by chance because they also correspond to vaccine boosters such as DTP (diphtheria, tetanus and polio vaccine).

What are the objectives of these consultations?

With this unprecedented measure, the government wants to extend preventive medicine to the entire adult French population.

As their name suggests, these three free prevention consultations will focus on prevention and early detection of pathologies in various fields.

Of course, the topics discussed during these medical appointments will be adapted according to the age of the patient :

- at age 25, this medical visit will allow for a review of vaccinations, regular physical activity, but also possible addictions and difficulties related to entering working life.

- at 45 years old, it will be a question of screening for breast, colon and Prostate cancer but also of physical activity and mental health

- at age 65, this meeting will address cancer screening and other preventable diseases, as well as the psychological impact of retirement and the prevention of loss of autonomy.

When will this measure take effect?

This preventive health measure is not expected to take effect immediately.

Indeed, the implementation of these 3 free prevention consultations is included in the PLFSS 2023 (the Social Security Financing Bill for 2023) which was presented on September 26, 2022 in the Council of Ministers.

Once the PLFSS 2023 is enacted, likely at the end of 2022, it will still be necessary to organize these new prevention actions and decide which physicians and health professionals will be able to offer these special consultations.

What will be the practical details?

In practice, these 3 preventive consultations will be fully covered by the Health Insurance without any advance payment.

To encourage as many French people as possible to participate, Health Minister François Braun has made it clear that you will not have to pay anything.

So, even if you have a bit of a phobia about white coats, don't hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to take a check-up on your physical and psychological health at three decisive stages of your life!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash
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