Beauty: 5 Tips For Applying Perfume Correctly

No matter what type of perfume you use, there are some tips that can help you enjoy your favorite fragrance throughout the day. From selecting the right perfume to the proper spraying techniques, and targeting the right areas, here are 5 tips to properly apply your scent and make its delightful aroma last longer.

Choose Your Perfume Type Wisely

The first of the 5 tips for proper fragrance application is to know the concentration of your perfume. All perfumes are made up of a base of 70° or 90° alcohol and natural or synthetic fragrant molecules.

However, the longevity of a fragrance varies depending on its concentration of aromatic molecules. That's why we distinguish the following different types of perfumes:

• Fresh water contains 3% of fragrant molecules and dissipates after 2 to 4 hours.

• Eau de Cologne consists of 3 to 8% fragrant molecules and is distinguished from fresh water by the presence of citrus in the top notes.

• Eau de toilette contains between 5 and 10% of fragrant molecules, which gives it a longevity of about 4 hours.

• Eau de parfum is made up of 15 to 20% fragrant molecules. This more concentrated formula offers a scent that lasts for about 8 hours.

The amount to spray on oneself is inversely proportional to the perfume's concentration. The moral of the story: always check whether your favorite juice is an eau de toilette or an eau de parfum to dose it correctly and avoid being too heavy-handed…

Target pulse points

Another well-known tip for applying perfume effectively is to spray the fragrance on pulse points, which are areas of the body where you can feel the heartbeat.

Pulse points are also the areas that emit the most heat and therefore are the best at diffusing your perfume throughout the day, including:
• the insides of wrists and elbows.
• the neck, nape, and behind the ears.
• the backs of knees and ankles.

Beware! Contrary to popular belief, it is unnecessary to rub your wrists together after spraying perfume to spread the scent. This widespread action only serves to dissipate the volatile molecules of the product even more quickly…

Spraying perfume on your hair is also a bad idea because the alcohol in perfumes can dry out the hair and may irritate a sensitive scalp. To scent your hair, it is better to use a hair mist specially formulated without alcohol.

Spray from the correct distance.

Among the 5 tips for proper fragrance application, it is also important to find the right distance between the sprayer and the skin.

In practice, it is recommended to spray the perfume about 15 cm from the skin, to avoid an overly strong scent. This distance also allows the spray to spread better on the skin.

Note: some people who prefer to avoid direct contact of perfumes with their skin have another technique. They spray their perfume into the air to create a fragrant cloud and walk through it. However, this method does result in some of the perfume falling to the ground, leading to a certain amount of waste...

Prepare your skin before applying perfume.

It's often overlooked, but fragrance lasts longer when applied on well-moisturized skin. The fat molecules contained in moisturizing lotions and balms help retain the aromatic substances of perfumes. Therefore, one of the 5 tips for proper fragrance application is to hydrate your skin beforehand, especially around the neck and décolletage.

If you want your favorite scent to last all day, note that there are now perfume bases, to be applied just before spraying on your preferred eau de toilette.

These products work in the same way as makeup primers or nail polish bases. They contain moisturizing, soothing ingredients and are designed to create an optimal pH on the skin.

With this tip, you don't need to reapply perfume several times a day. Not only do you save money, but you can be confident that you'll smell good all day long.

Avoid skin blemishes.

The last of the 5 tips for proper fragrance application is to avoid direct contact with the skin, especially when you plan to be in the sun. Fragrances have the disadvantage of making the skin photosensitive, which can lead to the appearance of pigmentation spots or dermatological problems.

To prevent these issues, you can:
• either spray the perfume on your clothes as textile fibers retain scent molecules well, especially natural fibers like wool or cotton.

• or apply it at the nape of the neck, just under the hairline. Not only does this somewhat hidden area prevent harmful interactions with the sun, but it is also one of the best body areas to prolong the scent of perfumes…

Now that you know, all that's left is to try out this little-known tip!

Author: Audrey
Copyright image: Anderson Nascimento on Pexels
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