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Chemofog: Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairments in 5 Questions

1- What is chemofog? The term chemofog is a portmanteau composed of two English terms: chemo for chemotherapy and fog for mist. The London fog is mentioned to describe the thick mist that regularly settles over the city of London... This vivid word is therefore an excellent way to describe the cog ...


Beauty: 5 Tips to Make Your Makeup Last in Hot Weather

e in mainstream stores like Sephora or Yves Rocher, for example. To prevent makeup from running, you need to hold the spray at the right distance and mist it at least 30 cm from your face. If you're looking for a way to naturally set your makeup, know that thermal water is a good alternative to co ...


Gardening: caring for a tillandsia in 5 questions

use glue or nails that would be toxic for the plant. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Living Art@Airviary (@airplantmister) Once installed, this plant also needs a humid atmosphere as it feeds through the porosities in its foliage. It has true moisture senso ...


Heat wave: 5 tips to cool down

least 15 minutes before taking a shower to avoid a thermal shock. Resist the urge to rush under the cold water jet: you might feel sick! 2- Use a mister... with a fan The water mist is another well-known solution to better withstand hot weather. To lower body temperature, it's a good idea to get ...


The mental walk: a foolproof trick to fall asleep quickly.

An unknown tip yet. When we want to get a good night's sleep and especially fall asleep quickly, we find the same advice everywhere, including: • avoiding alcohol and caffeine at least 3 hours before bedtime • avoiding exercising in the evening after 8pm • avoiding exposure to blu ...


Natural Beauty: 3 flowers good for the complexion

wn that this flower, so appreciated in gardens and bouquets, has anti-inflammatory properties and enhances the radiance of the complexion. Used as a mist on the face, rose floral water provides an immediate healthy glow effect, brightens the complexion, and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles! ...


Gardening: what water for indoor plants?

o install a rainwater harvesting system at home, do not hesitate to do so as you will benefit from free and perfectly suitable water for watering and misting all indoor plants. Rule #3: Some plants do not like tap water. When the weather is not favorable for gardeners and it hasn't rained for weeks, ...


The spotted pothos: 5 good reasons to adopt this plant.

clearly indicates when it needs water. So, if you notice that its leaves are curling, it's time to water it! To boost its growth, you can also: • mist it from time to time. • provide it with very diluted green plant fertilizer once a month, in spring and summer. • repot it every y ...


ZZ plant or Zamioculcas zamiifolia in 5 questions

the tips of the leaves are browning, it means that you have placed your ZZ plant in an environment that is too dry. Move it away from heat sources and mist the foliage from time to time to provide sufficient ambient humidity. If the leaves are turning yellow and the stems are becoming soft, you hav ...


Beauty: 5 Tips for Applying Perfume Correctly

e on your hair is also a bad idea because the alcohol in perfumes can dry out the hair and may irritate a sensitive scalp. To scent your hair, it is better to use a hair mist specially formulated without alcohol. Spray from the correct distance. Among the 5 tips for proper fragrance application, it ...