How To Pass The Bafa?

The BAFA is a diploma often required for people who want to work in holiday camps. It allows them to supervise children and teenagers in holiday or leisure centers on an occasional, non-professional basis.

What is the BAFA?

The BAFA, certificate of aptitude for the functions of animator in holiday and leisure centers, is a non-professional diploma which authorizes the supervision of children and teenagers in holiday or leisure centers.

This certificate is issued by the departmental direction of youth and sports (DDJS) to candidates who pass the theoretical and practical training exams.

Why get the BAFA certification?

The BAFA is a widely recognized diploma in the field of socio-cultural animation. It is the most often required diploma to work in this sector.

According to the law, organizers of Vacation and Leisure centers must ensure supervision of at least 1 animator for 12 children (for children aged 6 and over) and 1 animator for 8 children (for children under 6).

The supervision rate for after-school care is at least 1 animator for 14 children (for children aged 6 and over) and 1 animator for 10 children (for children under 6).

Among these animators, at least half of the team must hold the certificate of aptitude for the functions of animator of Vacation and Leisure centers, 30% of the team can hold the certificate or be in training (in practical internship), and 20% of the team can be unqualified.

"At what age can one register?"

Since October 2022, the minimum age for registration for the BAFA has been lowered to 16 years old. It is therefore possible to register as soon as you are 16 years old, by using the BAFA-BAFD online service (link below). If you are under 18 years old, you must provide parental authorization.

On this registration platform, you must also select your region to register and find a training organization authorized to provide the theoretical training for this certificate. Various training organizations will be offered to you.

How is the BAFA going?

Obtaining the BAFA involves three mandatory steps, which must be completed in order within a maximum period of 30 months.

- The general training session is an 8-day theoretical course, usually held as a residential program.

- The practical training, lasting at least 14 days or 28 half-days (once or in several times), consists of taking on the role of a trainee animator. It must take place no later than 18 months after the theoretical course and is evaluated by the director of the stay.

- The deepening or qualification session, lasting 6 days (or 8 days for qualifications), is generally devoted to deepening a theme and analyzing the practical training.

The candidate's file is then evaluated by a jury dependent on the Ministry of Youth and Sports, responsible for issuing this certificate of aptitude.

How to finance your BAFA?

The theoretical training for the BAFA is provided by private training organizations and is therefore not free. These training organizations must have received regional or national accreditation from the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

On average, you should budget between €700 and €1000 for the complete training.

To finance this training, you can obtain financial assistance from various organizations such as CAF (family allowances fund), MSA, the regional council or Pôle emploi...

The Family Allowances Fund (Caf) grants a national aid without income conditions of €91.47. This aid is increased to €106.71 for people registered for the in-depth session focused on early childhood.

Good to know
If you are a volunteer for Civic Service between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2023, you can benefit from an additional aid from the State of €100. This reduction automatically applies to the price of the training delivered by accredited organizations. To take advantage of it, simply present your volunteer card or your Civic Service contract to the training organization.

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