How To Use Your Cpf While Traveling?

What if we told you that you could get paid to travel without leaving your current job? Tempting, right? Well, it's definitely possible with language travel!

What is a language stay?

Far from being reserved only for children, teenagers and young adults, the language stay is perfectly conceivable for employees from 20 to 99 years old. This trip allows you to enjoy a destination while developing your language skills. How does it work? In the morning, you take language classes - or specific classes on a subject that interests you - and in the afternoon, you are free. You can choose to study, hang out with new friends, explore the city, do a machine (a less glamorous hobby, but hey, just because you're traveling doesn't mean you have to forget everything ;)), sign up for an activity, etc.

The language stay allows you to take time for yourself while learning a language. Why is it better than private lessons in France? The secret is in one word: immersion! By living in the country, you are obliged to manage to make yourself understood by the locals and to communicate in the language of the country. Want to go for a coffee? You will have to order and express yourself in another language than yours, without a teacher to hold your hand! Decide to go to the movies? The movie won't have French subtitles and your brain will have to work twice as hard to understand. So yes, your neurons may feel lost or jostled or even in pain. But trust yourself, once the first few days are over, you will notice the progress and your neurons will ask for more!

How can I use my CPF for language stays?

A language stay is an excellent way to develop your language skills. It allows you to live and immerse yourself in a new culture and improve your language skills. It can be co-financed by the CPF (Personal Training Account). Participants must apply to their collecting organization to obtain funding. They must then choose an approved training organization, which will propose a language stay adapted to their needs and skills. Once the stay is validated by the collecting organization, the participant will be able to pay the portion financed by the CPF and enjoy their language stay.

If you've always wanted to be bilingual in Spanish, why not take the plunge and go on a language stay Spain? Or are you more tempted by German, Korean, Japanese, and so on? Or is it more the destination that would motivate you? Between Costa Rica, New York, London or Seoul, you are spoiled for choice!

What are the other benefits of a language stay?

In addition to the fact that not all your savings go into this stay, this experience allows you to develop other skills: self-confidence, decision-making, curiosity, etc. These interpersonal qualities or 'soft skills' are increasingly sought after by employers. Faced with sometimes identical backgrounds, recruiters will prefer a person who knows how to step outside the imposed framework and is not afraid to take risks.

You will not be a new person when you return to France. But you will surely have changed a little and be more inclined to new challenges. So, what are you waiting for to consult your CPF account?

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In French: Comment utiliser son CPF tout en voyageant ?
En español: ¿Cómo utilizar el FPC durante un viaje?
In italiano: Come utilizzare il CPF in viaggio?
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