Christmas Bonus From The Caf: 5 Questions To Understand

Every year in December, the Christmas bonus is paid to people who already receive social assistance such as the RSA or ASS. We suggest that you understand everything about this exceptional bonus in 5 questions.

1- What is this Christmas bonus?

The Christmas bonus is an additional aid paid at the end of the year to people who receive certain social minima.

This exceptional bonus is paid automatically during the month of December, usually 15 days before Christmas.

2- What are the steps to take?

Those eligible for this Christmas bonus have no administrative Steps to take.

The bonus is calculated directly from their income and, depending on their situation, it is paid to them by various bodies such as the CAF, Pôle Emploi or MSA.

If you are an RSA recipient, the bonus is paid to you by the CAF or by your agricultural social security fund (MSA).

If you are receiving other assistance (ASS, AER or a flat-rate bonus for resuming work), the Pôle Emploi will pay you this amount.

This premium is paid automatically, without any action on your part.

Nevertheless, if you do not receive the bonus even though you meet the conditions, we advise you to contact the CAF, the MSA or Pôle Emploi.

3- Who can benefit?

In France, this Christmas bonus concerns about 2.5 million people.

To benefit from it, you must have received in November of the same year at least one of the following allowances:
- the active solidarity income or RSA
- the specific solidarity allowance or ASS
- the allocation équivalent retraite or AER (this aid no longer exists since 2011, but those who were entitled to it before 2011 continue to receive it)
- the flat-rate bonus for taking up work.

In addition, if you receive the RSA, your household resources must not exceed the amount of the basic RSA corresponding to the composition of your family.

4- What is the amount of the premium?

For RSA recipients, the amount of the Christmas bonus is calculated according to the composition of the tax household.

As an indication, the amount of the bonus in 2020 was:
- €152.45 for a single person
- 228.67 € for a single person with a child or a Couple without children
- 274.41 for a single person with two children or a Couple with one child
- 320.14 for a Couple with two children
- 335,39 € for a single person with 3 children
- 381,12 € for a Couple with 3 children
- 396,37 € for a single person with 4 children
- 442.10 for a Couple with 4 children
- 60,98 € per additional person.

For other beneficiaries, who receive ASS or AER or the flat-rate bonus, the amount of the Christmas bonus has been 152.45 € for several years.

In all cases, the amount of this bonus is not taxable.

5- Is this bonus renewed every year?

The Christmas bonus was introduced by the government of Lionel Jospin in 1998.

By law, its renewal is not automatic.

But it will indeed be renewed in 2021 and will probably be paid out around December 15, a little before or a little after depending on the organization that pays you this aid.

Note finally that the amount of this Christmas bonus is not revalued each year.

Since 2009, the minimum amount has remained unchanged at €152.45 for a single person.

However, RSA recipients can receive much more depending on their family situation, as shown in the table above.

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