Online Public Service: More Than 200 Administrative Procedures Are Available

President Emmanuel Macron promised: by 2022, 250 public services will be accessible online. But did you know that you can now carry out more than 200 daily administrative procedures digitally? Here are some explanations.

212 steps can be taken online

The digitization of public services is one of the main axes of the state reform initiated by Emmanuel Macron.

The government has set itself the goal of making 250 procedures deemed essential to the daily lives of the French accessible online by 2022.

As of now, these are 212 administrative procedures that can be carried out online according to the announcements of Amélie de Montchalin, the Minister of Transformation and Public Service.

Strong disparities between departments

Behind this figure of more than 200 procedures that can be carried out online are significant disparities between the various ministries.

The good students are the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministries of Agriculture, Health, Ecology and Labour. They can indeed boast of having exceeded the 90% rate of the number of procedures they had to digitize.

The poor performers are the Ministry of Justice, which has reached 56% of the target, and the Ministry of Education, which has reached 70% of the target.

New procedures can be carried out via the Internet

Among the new procedures that citizens can carry out on the Internet, it should be noted that the application for legal aid is now partially accessible online.

It is also possible to establish a voting proxy electronically or to register online for secondary school.

Amélie de Montchalin, the Minister of Transformation and the Civil Service, has also promised that town planning applications and building permits will soon be digitised.

This could simplify the life of many French people but it is a complicated project to carry out because these requests concern several ministries.

Public services are improving

The digitisation of public services is not just about numbers. The government also wants to improve user satisfaction.

This is why it has created the observatory of the quality of online procedures ( and uses the feedback of thousands of users to improve the quality of online public services.

On this site, you will find valuable information before embarking on an online administrative procedure: for example, you will be able to find out whether this procedure can be carried out online, whether you can do it with your mobile, whether users are satisfied and whether disabilities are taken into account.

The digitisation of public services should also improve access for people with disabilities to essential procedures.

A simplified connection with France Connect

In addition, the government continues to roll out user identification via the France Connect procedure to facilitate all these online procedures.

With France Connect, you don't need to create a login and password for each public service.

All you need is an account on the or websites or the digital identity of La Poste to be able to connect to all the others, and the 'Remember my choice' option saves you a lot of hassle each time you log on.

Today, 28 million French people use France Connect, but the government's goal is to reach 30 million users by the end of 2021.

Moreover, this identification system should soon be used to connect to the CAF (Caisse d'allocations familiales).

To find out if a particular administrative procedure can be carried out online, go to (link below). You will find all the procedures that can be carried out by individuals but also by companies and associations.

Author: Audrey
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