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Health: 10 tips to regain energy

or cardio class) late at night. After exercising, it takes between 45 and 90 minutes to fall asleep. 3- I drink an orange juice every morning In theory, it's a good idea to drink freshly squeezed orange juice every morning to boost your energy levels, as this fruit is rich in vitamin C. With ...


The Theorem of Narcissus: a free exhibition at the Petit Palais in Paris

e! As the title of the exhibition suggests, most of these creations play with reflections, especially since Jean-Michel Othoniel has been developing a theory of reflections for nearly ten years with the complicity of Mexican mathematician Aubin Arroyo. View this post on Instagram ...


Games: The 5 most popular casino games

ely) is called a blackjack. However, when the player reaches 21 points with more than 2 cards, it is counted as 21 points and not blackjack. In theory, it's all about luck, although some gifted players do count cards, as in the movies Rain Man and Las Vegas 21. In fact, it was because some ...


Astronomy: 5 things to know about pulsars

the scientists who detected it first nicknamed it Little Green Man because they didn't know how to interpret such a regular signal from space. The theory of an extraterrestrial signal was soon abandoned. It was in fact a pulsar located in the constellation Little Fox about 2000 light years from E ...


Everything everywhere all at once: why is this film making the buzz?

To save the multiverse threatened by an evil force, Michelle Yeoh must constantly navigate between various dimensions and versions of herself. The theory of the multiverse is exploited in a clever and very funny way, to the great joy of the spectator. Everything everywhere all at once is a blo ...


Reading: which e-reader to choose?

rs, especially if you want to take your e-book everywhere with you. The battery life of the device is roughly the same regardless of the model. In theory, if you read for 30 minutes a day, you can do so for 6 weeks without recharging your e-book. In practice, you need to recharge this device ever ...


The end of the mandatory receipt: what does it change?

ized receipt must not be used for any other purpose such as commercial prospecting, according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In theory, the merchant must obligatorily collect the customer's consent before being able to process and use their personal data, such as their email ad ...